Shocking footage shows teen push friend off 60ft bridge because she was afraid to jump

Shocking footage shows teen push friend off 60ft bridge because she was afraid to jump

When we're kids, we're all guilty of doing something dangerous, stupid and probably painful, for kicks. I've certainly am. Take any well-meaning adolescent, add alcohol and friends, and then toss in the exhilaration of summer vacation, and you've inevitably got a potential disaster on your hands.

For example, when I was 17 and had just received my driver's license, I used to give my friends lifts home. There was one time when my friend attempted to see if he could climb out of a moving car and still stay upright. Now granted, when he opened the door and strolled out, we were only going at 15mph, but I still think to this day that it's a miracle he was only badly bruised and not seriously hurt or worse.

This week however, a group of teens ended up taking dares way too far. A video has emerged on social media of a young woman being shoved off the side of the Moulton Falls bridge in Washington state, taking a terrifying tumble 60 feet down into the waters below. The 16-year-old, named Jordan Holgerson, was left badly wounded after her friends goaded her into taking a leap off the landmark, before one of her friends promptly shoved her off. Jordan was promptly taken to hospital, and suffered five broken ribs and a lung injury.

In an interview with local media outlets, Jordan's mother Genelle stated: "Recovery’s gonna be slow with her ribs, and her chest. I don’t see any hopes of leaving today. If she fell a different way she could have broken her neck, become paralysed. She could have died. My daughter’s gonna have a long road to recovery and I think that she should probably just turn herself in – realise what she did wrong. This is not okay. She could have killed my daughter."

When the clip of the dizzying fall was uploaded to YouTube, it quickly garnered a lot of attention. One person commented: "Man, this is brutal. Whomever it was that pushed this girl doesn't realise it now, but she will bear the burden of guilt of this for the rest of her life. I only hope she realises how wrong it was sooner than later, owns up to it, seeks forgiveness and makes amends, whatever the cost may be. It was so fortunate the girl didn't die. Thank God."

Other people however, were not so sympathetic. Another commenter wrote: "All her fault she was up there, that’s a $1,500 fine. If she tries to press charges then she should be counter sued. Darwin’s theory at work... there should be changes to where people like her are charged for jumping from a bridge after ignoring MULTIPLE signs of NO JUMPING OR DIVING. That bridge is not for jumping, there has been multiple injuries due to it and the people who were spectating are all responsible." Kids, the one thing to take away from it all is this: don't jump of a bridge, or get yourself in a position to be pushed off. Sound fair?