'Time traveller' claiming to be from 2075 delivers a devastating warning about the future

'Time traveller' claiming to be from 2075 delivers a devastating warning about the future

We all want to take a glimpse into the future; either our own personal story or the history of the world. It's easy to understand why. After all, forewarned is forearmed. Ever since the days of Julius Caesar, right up to Nostradamus, we've relied on fortune tellers and soothsayers to prognosticate the years ahead of us, and teach us valuable lessons about the ultimate outcome of everything.

However, most of the time these visions of the future are based on nothing more than a vague hunch or obtuse dreams. Either that or they're an outright con. But now a man claiming to be a 'time traveller' from the year 2075 has appeared on social media, to provide us with a devastating warning about the future. Is he legit? Or is this a load of bull? Watch for yourself to make your own mind up.

Check out the weird video of the alleged time traveller below: 

Credit: ApexTV

In a new video recently uploaded to the YouTube channel ApexTV, a mysterious masked man wearing a distinctive red suit and black polo-neck, calling himself 'Kasper,' states that artificial intelligence will end up supplanting our world leaders, and will eventually control all governments. Sounds a bit like something from Ian Banks' Culture novels, or Metal Gear Solid 2.

Kasper is difficult to make out, due to him using a voice modifier as part of his disguise. However, he can be heard stating: "Shocking things are going to happen in the future. I'm going to share with you one of the most shocking things that you will have ever heard before." Gesturing to the buildings in the background, he continues: "All of the buildings behind me, this is all underwater. Los Angeles California is not how it is today ... The flood is caused by global warming."

Kasper goes on to add that by the year 2028, the truth about time travel will be revealed to humans, and various government agencies and clandestine spy networks will be established to prevent temporal interference.

So there you have it: is Kasper telling the truth? Or is this a load of hot air? Personally, I'm not convinced. But you never know: maybe a great deluge really is on its way. If you own property in LA, maybe you should think about selling before things get wet.