Turkish Kebab Chef Arrested On Suspicion Of Slicing His Own Daughter To Pieces

Turkish Kebab Chef Arrested On Suspicion Of Slicing His Own Daughter To Pieces

A kebab chef has been arrested by police out in Turkey, accused of murdering his own daughter by slicing her into pieces, in what's already one of the more shocking stories of the year.

Hasan Uslu, a kebab chef from Keslan in northwestern province of Edirne, Turkey, was accused of killing his 32-year-old daughter after the belly dancer's arm was discovered in a forest near a mosque, with a furious argument between various family thought to be the catalyst behind the brutal family murder.

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Back on January 9, a man was searching for pine cones in a woodland close to a mosque, but found way more than he bargained for; a dismembered arm, wrapped in newspaper and cut off at the shoulder. The arm was revealed to belong to Didem Uslu, a 32-year-old belly dancer.

Didem Uslu Credit: AsiaWire

Looking over thousands of hours of surveillance footage, sniffer dogs quickly tracked down the other parts of her body, all cut with very clean and straight incisions. Police suspected that the cuts were extremely reminiscent of the type of cuts that a rotary kebab knife could inflict, and narrowed their investigation.

Before too long, the victim's father Hasan was brought into custody. He immediately admitted that he was to blame for his daughter's death, saying that an altercation between himself, his daughter and his wife Sati Uslu (who is 53 years old) turned ugly back on December 14, and that in a rage, he killed his own daughter.

Hasan Uslu Credit: AsiaWire

Hasan says that the 32-year-old "disrespected" himself and his wife (though it is not known at this point what actually occurred on the fateful day), and strangled her for that transgression. Speaking to police, he revealed the level of detail he went to in order to hide his daughter's body effectively.

While Didem died on December 14, he left the corpse in the bedroom for an entire day. Then, the next day, Hasan reportedly started to break the body apart. Buying a freezer on December 15, he then proceeded to cut his daughter's body into pieces using the kebab knife as well as a bread knife, before disposing of the bread knife to hide the evidence.

Hasan Uslu in custody Credit: AsiaWire

Carrying the pieces of his daughter in a backpack for the next week, before taking them to the forest and burying them in different places; the locations of which he revealed to police once he was brought in for questioning. Hasan says he then disposed of the linen (which had a small amount of Didem's blood on it), and attempted to cover his tracks.

Hasan Uslu revealed that he also sold the freezer in which he stored his daughter's corpse to a secondhand shop. Sati Uslu was brought in for questioning, alongside Didem's younger sister Ozlem, in relation to the brutal butchering, but Ozlem has since been released following police questioning, with no charge.