Video shows a shirtless man wielding a didgeridoo chasing down a home-breaker

Video shows a shirtless man wielding a didgeridoo chasing down a home-breaker

There are some news stories that can only come from Australia; this is one of them. A hilarious video has gone viral this week, after a shirtless Australian man with no shoes, armed only with a didgeridoo, was forced to chase a burglar who had been breaking into his home down the street.

Kym Abrook, a former ju-jitsu instructor, was woken up at approximately 4 am in his home in Fulham Gardens in Adelaide on Monday. Upon investigating the noise, he surprised a thief who was rummaging through his personal effects.

Unintimidated by the home-breaker, even though he was half-naked, Abrook took flight and chased the thief out the door, carrying a didgeridoo along with him.

Check out this re-enactment of Kym running after the burglar below:

Abrook called the police as he pursued the burglar, who came to his assistance shortly after he phoned law enforcement. Aided by a police officer and a police dog, Abrook was able to apprehend the would-be thief. Abrook has since re-enacted his pursuit of the thief for TV cameras, and the footage of the shirtless, didgeridoo-wielding man immediately went viral on social media.

Commenting on the bizarre incident in an interview with local news reporters, Abrook stated: "I was out there in all my glory. I've noticed I run faster naked, semi-naked anyway. I was very lucky the cops got to him first. It's probably lucky I only had a didgeridoo ... it's pretty solid, I was only going to use it to restrain him."

 A 32-year-old man has since been charged by police with aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft after they conducted a search on his person and found him to be possession of a wallet and cash stolen during his foiled break-in. The felon is due to appear in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on August 6.