Woman finds a note from previous home owners revealing the house comes with a very special extra

Woman finds a note from previous home owners revealing the house comes with a very special extra

Moving house is a lot of stress. Once you find somewhere you want to move in and someone to live with, it's exciting to imagine what kind of life you will be leading, but the transition process just plain sucks. Moving all your stuff from one place to another is a pain, obviously (and especially if you live in a busy area), but there's also the case of cleaning your old property and dealing with unhelpful estate agents and landlords.

Once you've moved into your new place, you'd hope there aren't any further complications. Sometimes old tenants can leave things behind, but it's not a huge obstacle. Usually.

23-year-old Miranda, from Washington, shared a series of photos on Instagram earlier this week that showed her surprise encounter with something that had been left behind by her new house's previous owners. When they moved into their new home, Miranda and her flatmate found a note welcoming them, and explaining that they had left a cat behind - one that been living there for 12 years. The note read:

"There's one favor we ask of you, you do not have to do it, but we would appreciate it if you did. In the backyard there is an old orange kitty who lives there. He is feral and was born in our backyard 12 years ago. He has an injured paw and will not let you go near him.

"We feed him everyday twice a day and we have for years now. We usually feed him some dry or wet cat food with some water, on the porch in the backyard.

"We bought him a little house for the winter and rainy days, that is placed against the wall in the backyard. We would really appreciate it if you would continue to feed him. We just hate leaving him behind."

In a way, this is kind of a d**k move. It's not really a request if a cat has spent a dozen years depending on one location for food... but luckily, Miranda looked on the positive side of things: it's a free cat!

“When we first read the note we laughed we thought it was sweet but we also thought it was funny because we are like stray cat magnets. 4 of our 5 current cats were strays,” Miranda told Bored Panda. “He wasn’t scared of us at all, when we are outside he keeps his distance but he [doesn’t] run, he even comes to the door to let us know when he’s hungry.”

"So we decided on the name Razum Dar. We will most likely call him Raz, for short. He is sleeping on a rock in the backyard at the moment.

"Earlier today he met our dog, Nyx, and I think it went pretty well. All they did was look at each other from opposite sides of the yard. He didn't run away, so, I think that's a good sign. Also, I think that he's not as feral as the note made him out to be."

Honestly, this could have gone a lot worse, but it seems like everything turned out for the Miranda and Raz!