Israeli policewoman sacked after shooting Palestinian man in the back 'for fun'

Israeli policewoman sacked after shooting Palestinian man in the back 'for fun'

Leaked footage shows the shocking moment an Israeli policewoman, who has since been fired, shot a Palestinian man in the back "for fun", the Guardian reports.

The horrifying ordeal from over a year ago was recently released as a part of a video broadcast by Israel’s Channel 13 news agency.

According to Channel 13 News, the man was stopped as he tried to enter Israel from the occupied West Bank, and was ordered to leave by the female border police officer, who ended up shooting him in spite of his compliance. 

In the clip, Israeli border police officers at a checkpoint can be seen shouting at the man - whose identity is still unknown - to "get out of here!" in Arabic.

The young man then turns the other way and proceeds to walk in the opposite direction with his hands above his head. The Israeli officers, however, continue shouting contradictory instructions at him, before a female officer shoots him in the back with a sponge-tipped bullet.

Clearly in agony, the man can be heard screaming as he slumps to the floor. The officers can not be seen when the shot is fired but are shown walking away afterwards. According to Channel 13, police have said that the man was not seriously hurt.

On Sunday, Israel’s justice ministry said that it has held four hearings regarding the case, completing the criminal investigation. It did not say when it will announce its decision.

While it was not made clear whether any charges were filed, the woman responsible for shooting the man was removed from duty as soon as the incident was made known to authorities.

According to a statement from police, she was sent back to the Israeli army, where she had been working. Other officers who were present during the incident were also removed or reassigned. "This is a case that does not characterise in any way whatsoever the behaviour or operations," the statement said.