Woman allegedly 'ground up boyfriend into a rice dish' after he left her for another woman

Woman allegedly 'ground up boyfriend into a rice dish' after he left her for another woman

A woman from Morocco has been arrested after allegedly killing her lover, cooking his body and serving the remains in a rice dish, local news outlets in the United Arab Emirates have reported. Prosecutors say that this woman, who lives in the Gulf nation, butchered her former boyfriend of seven years after he told her he was planning to marry somebody else from their home country.

The suspect in question, who so far has remained unnamed, allegedly used a blender to grind up her former lover into a mince, before cooking the man into a traditional Middle Eastern dish called majboos (a rice and meat dish similar to biryani), which she then served to Pakistani workers carrying out work near to her home.

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Prosecutors say that crime was first discovered after the man's brother, who lives in Ajman in the UAE, reported him as missing to law enforcement officers in Al Ain. Police say that the man's brother went to visit the couple to ask if the suspect knew of the victim's whereabouts, but was turned away, and told that she kicked the victim out of her home.

The killing allegedly took place three months ago, but has only come to light in recent months. But on November 13, reports on the missing man started to circulate on Moroccan news outlets with quotes from his brother, who said that police had found a tooth inside the suspect's blender.

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DNA tests proved that the tooth belonged to the missing victim, and the woman was taken into custody shortly after. During her questioning, the woman (whose age was not disclosed by the police) initially denied any involvement, but said that she killed her lover in a "crime of passion".

She also admitted to grinding up her former lover in the blender. Saying to police she wanted revenge for being dumped after seven years of financially supporting him, she said that after she cut up his body, she asked a friend for help disposing of the remains.

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The friend said during police questioning that while she did not witness the crime, she did notice bloodstains around the suspect's home. Police and prosecutors have confirmed the investigation is ongoing, and that the suspect will appear in court once the investigation has been completed.

This grisly murder-turned-cannibalism is the second such issue in recent months, after locals visiting a restaurant in Thailand went to police after discovering meat in what was supposed to be a vegetarian dish. That meat turned out to be human remains belonging to a 61-year-old man, who had allegedly gotten in a fight with the restaurant owner after applying for a job, and was never seen alive again.

It was not known whether or not the customers actually ate the human flesh, nor is it clear how many people were served the man's remains. The restaurant owner, believed to have carried out the deed, is still at large.