Woman whose eyeball 'exploded' after being hit by a golfer's tee-shot speaks out on the traumatic incident

Woman whose eyeball 'exploded' after being hit by a golfer's tee-shot speaks out on the traumatic incident

Last week, a woman sustained horrific injuries when a stray golf ball hit her in the face. Corine Remande, who had travelled from Egypt, was watching the Ryder Cup when a ball hit by Brooks Koepka veered off course and struck her at high speed, causing her eyeball to "explode" and blinding her instantly.

Now, in new interviews, the 49-year-old has spoken out about the incident, and how she intends to take legal action against the event's organisers.

Remande claims that there was no warning about the incoming ball, meaning that all those in the gathered crowd were at risk of being struck.

"They did not [shout fore]. To make a show, the organisers moved the tees forward on the sixth hole to allow the big hitters to reach the green in one shot," she said.

"Without warning the spectators, the public cannot see the players and anticipate and protect themselves. That's why I'm angry.

"We have now filed a complaint in order to have answers to our questions, to challenge all the organisers on behalf of the safety of the public."

Organisers of the Ryder Cup have insisted that sufficient warning was given to spectators, but have released a statement expressing their concern and apologies for Remande.

"Our deepest sympathies continue to be with Madame Remande and her family. Brooks Koepka, who has said he is heartbroken by the incident, has also contacted the family," said Keith Pelley, the chief executive of the European Tour.

"We take our responsibility for fan safety extremely seriously and we have been in regular contact with the family since the accident to offer our support and we will continue to do so.

"Millions of spectators attend and enjoy golf events each year. Incidents of this severity are extremely rare. The safety of our spectators is our paramount concern, and this will continue to be the case."

Koepka, meanwhile, tweeted a heartfelt statement about the incident, and said that last Friday "was probably one of the worst days of [his] life."

As well as being angry at the lack of warning, Remande has also expressed her disgust at how others reacted when she was struck.

"What shocked me was that the spectators were taking pictures of me, but no one was calling for help," she said.

She also says that she was afraid of being trampled while she was on the ground, as the crowd was gathering to get ready for Tiger Woods to step up and take his shot.

Remande says that her life has been completely changed by the accident.

"I don't know how to live with only one eye. I like walking, sport, going to the gym and playing golf," she said.

Though Remande's injuries are obviously life-changing, the incident could have been much worse if the ball had struck the side of her head rather than her eye.

"[If that had happened], I could not speak with you," she said.

Tragically, the golf enthusiast will never regain the use of her eye, but she hopes that stricter safety regulations will be put in place as a result of the accident in order to stop anyone else being hurt in the same way.