VT Originals: Porto Vino

VT Originals: Porto Vino

We all know how frustrating it can be to take a trip somewhere great - like a park on a hot summer's day - only to realize that there's something very important missing: wine. Sure, you can stuff a bottle (or three) in your handbag, but the glass is often heavy and there's barely room for it.

Another frustrating problem that we've all faced is going to a bar only to discover that their wine is outrageously expensive. While we might be willing to cough up for a glass or two, we've all found ourselves dreaming of that much cheaper bottle of plonk we've got at home.

Now, Porto Vino has come up with an innovative solution to these frustrating problems by creating a handbag that doubles as a wine dispenser. Their tagline is "Bring the party along!", and it's safe to say that's more than possible with their fashionable and functional design.

To publicize this brilliant product, VT made an original video to showcase it to their 20 million-plus audience. They decided to work with Porto Vino because they know their audience loves innovative products like the bag, which will really make a splash on social media.

Captioning their final video "This bag has a secret tap for your wine" to encourage engagement with the video, VT comically depicted a number of situations where the Porto Vino bag would come in handy because its wine dispenser is hidden - like during a stressful day at the office.

The video also emphasizes how easy the product is to use, showing that it can hold an impressive two bottles of wine in a separate pocket which won't get in the way of any of the other items in the user's handbag, enabling them to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage anywhere and at any time.

Watch VT's Porto Vino video for yourself below: 

Becuase of the product itself and VT's presentation, to date, the video has had 135M views, 1.7M shares and 551.8K comments on Facebook alone.,

It is also worth noting that VT simply advertised one of Porto Vino's designs - its leather purse, which comes in a variety of colors beyond the red depicted in the video. There is also a city tote, canvas tote, backpack, messenger bag and a number of accessories available too.

With summer 2018 just around the corner, this is the perfect time to consider investing in one of these brilliant bags to take the pain out of carrying heavy glass bottles to the park and paying for overpriced plonk in beer gardens. Never again will you lack wine on a sunny day.

What's more is that Porto Vino's bags are very reasonably priced, and they will set you back around the amount as any other (but less wine-friendly) fashionable bag. The design featured in VT's video retails for $74.95, so it really is an investment worth making! You can find Porto Vino's wine bag here.