New iPhones are triggering people's trypophobia

New iPhones are triggering people's trypophobia

As everyone familiar with the annual mania outside the Apple store will agree, there’s nothing that causes hysteria quite like the release of a new iPhone.

Ever since Steve Jobs changed the game back in 2007, the world has been in thrall to the brand’s blend of sleek design and symbolic status. Predictably, 2019’s iteration has brought more of the same. 

However, aside from the usual array of Apple addicts swooning over specs and screens, the early images of the iPhone 11 have had an unexpected effect on viewers. Instead of prompting universal excitement, pictures have ended up accidentally triggering some people’s trypophobia. 

Defined as a fear of the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, the phobia usually affects people who accidentally catch sight of a crumpet, rather than a smartphone. However, sufferers are complaining in droves that the placement of the device’s new three-lens camera cluster is making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Shocking video shows iPhone battery exploding in shop after customer bites into it:

Many would-be buyers have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the new design.

As of Wednesday lunchtime, the hashtag “trypophobia” was trending on the social media site, with comments including, “keep your nasty iphone cameras away from me,” and, “3 cameras on the new iPhone actually triggers my trypophobia. I can’t have people walking around me with those cameras every day.”

While the prospect of being put off a purchase by a phone with a few too many cameras might sound ridiculous, some stress that the situation is no laughing matter.

According to an interview conducted by the BBC, scientist Dr Geoff Cole, at the University of Essex, and his colleague Professor Arnold Wilkins have heard testimony from several sufferers who have vomited after a triggering incident. As Professor Wilkins put it, “It can be quite disabling.”

Looks like Apple may have given themselves a (w)hole lot more to think about than they initially anticipated.