New phone case reacts like human flesh when pinched and caressed

New phone case reacts like human flesh when pinched and caressed

In our technologically advanced age, our possibilities as a society have expanded exponentially.

And now, aptly timed for Halloween, you can cover your phone in a 'human flesh' case that would make Hannibal Lecter green with envy. Obviously, it's not real human flesh, but incredibly, it reacts just like the real thing when it's pinched and caressed.

Talk about a far cry from the hard cases we're used to protecting our devices with!

To see how the flesh case works, check out the video below: 

"Why skin on mobile devices?" its developer Marc Teyssier, a Ph.D. student in human-computer interaction, wrote on Instagram. "It questions the relationship we have with our devices and is also a good opportunity to improve emotional communication and enable expressive interaction with user interfaces."

Developed by Marc and other researchers at the University of Bristol in partnership with Telecomm ParisTech and Sorbonne University in Paris, it's hoped that this technology could herald the dawn of tech with anthropomorphic qualities.

And Teyssier says he understands why some people are finding the design a little creepy. He told the BBC;

"I do think it's creepy - I get it.

"We are not used to human touch on objects. This project has made people reflect on what technology is and why this is creepy."

In short, it means that your phone will know how you're holding it, something the researchers demonstrated through emojis. Obviously.

So if you're holding your phone tightly, that's anger, and if you tickle it, needless to say, that's laughter.

Oh, and don't worry if you're seriously into the idea but would rather have skin on your laptop. That's also a possibility.

While the skin might appear to be a gimmick at first, its creators hope that it will serve a more serious purpose, enabling us to communicate more genuine emotions while using our smartphones.