Man refuses to pay for adult channel on TV 'because dog ordered it'

Man refuses to pay for adult channel on TV 'because dog ordered it'

A lot of people have used the classic excuse of ''my dog ate my homework'' at one point or another during their school days. Even I tried it when I was a kid before I even owned a dog. It's never been a credible excuse anyway, but the excuse: ''my dog purchased pornography for me'' really does stretch the limits of credulity.

Unfortunately, that's not just a bizarre hypothetical. Instead, it really is an excuse a man actually made this week, after he refused to pay money for an NSFW TV channel.

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According to the The News and Observer, the trouble began when 58-year-old Thomas Barnes received a $70 bill from DirectTV for ordering the Hustler channel by pay-per-view. Barnes claimed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that he called the TV provider up and explained that he'd only flicked to the pornographic content by accident.

DirectTV promised to subtract the extra charge, but then Barnes received yet more demands for payment.

However, it was his excuse for renting the pornographic content which really raised eyebrows, according to Barnes, his Bichon Frise dog, Marino, jumped on his bed and stepped on the remote control, accidentally buying the smut.

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Barnes is now filling a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission to take things further. Speaking to The News and Observer, Barnes stated that he told the TV company: "That 70 dollars, you’re taking food out of my mouth. It’s like you’re stealing it. They refused to see how that was pertinent. There’s a problem when there’s a mistake and you expect me to pay for the mistake."

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But this isn't the first time that X-rated material has caused a disturbance. For example, a man from Michigan has already sued his parents for throwing out his porn collection.