This dog's howl sounds exactly like 'Toxic' by Britney Spears and people are obsessed

This dog's howl sounds exactly like 'Toxic' by Britney Spears and people are obsessed

There's a good reason why so many people lose it when spotting a darling little dachshund in the park, or well up when watching videos about dogs making friends with other dogs. Simply put: dogs are awesome. All dogs. No exceptions. Though this pooch certainly stands out.

Riley, a full-blooded heeler, shot to fame this week after a tweet went viral that showcased his incredible vocal talents. His owner posted a video of him howling in the backyard, and it sounds exactly like Britney Spears' 2003 hit Toxic. You know, the one where she pretends to be a flight attendant in the video clip.

The song is incredibly catchy thanks to Spears' singing (of course), but also because of the beat and that whiney kind of "wee-wa-nee-na-na" sound. Okay, it's really hard to describe in writing, but when you hear it, you'll know what I mean.

Or, you know what? Let's let Riley demonstrate. Crank your sound up, and watch this:

Owner Matt Hardin posted the video to Twitter with the caption "Is it just me or does Riley sound like he’s singing toxic by Britney Spears?". It's not just you, mate. That is definitely the tune straight out of Spears' track.

Obviously, the internet went wild for the clip.

And, of course, someone just had to make an edit of Toxic that included Riley's howl:

Music experts needed to point out that Riley was also in exactly the right key.

Since the tweet went viral, Riley's owner decided to make the dog his very own Instagram page. On it, you can find another edit of the Toxic howl in situ with the song. It truly is a work of art. Behold:

Riley's Instagram bio reads "the iconic Britney Spears dog", and the page contains a handful of other adorable photos.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, Hardin said he listened to it a few times before he could pinpoint exactly what his dog's howl was reminding him of.

"At first I thought he was just howling at the storm that was rolling through, but when I re-watched the video, I noticed that the sound he was making was oddly familiar," Hardin said. "After watching it like 30 times, I actually said out loud, 'Oh my God, Riley, were you just singing 'Toxic?!' and then I proceeded to freak out."

"I'm gonna try to get him to learn some Taylor Swift," he went on. Either that or "another iconic classic like 'Single Ladies' by Beyoncé."

Well, either Spears' song is played on repeat in the Hardin household or Riley has a very sharp memory, but one thing's for sure: the dog definitely has a voice. Perhaps a doggie talent agent is in order to help Riley take his musical career to the next step?

Spears is yet to comment on the possibility of a collab with Riley.