All the women Keanu Reeves dated before he found his new girlfriend

All the women Keanu Reeves dated before he found his new girlfriend

This weekend, fans of Keanu Reeves were shocked to learn that, after being single for years, the actor has now a new girlfriend - 46-year-old artist Alexandra Grant. Keanu once described himself in an interview as "a lonely guy", and fans have been elated at the news that he's found someone special to share his life with. But has Keanu always been on his own? Well, that answer is a little bit complicated.

Yes, it's true that Keanu keeps himself to himself. But he's also dated plenty of women in the past, either on a short-term or long-term basis. So with without further ado let's take a look at some of Keanu's prior relationships, some of which you might well have forgotten about.

1. Jill Schoelen 

Reeves and Schoelen first met back in 1986 film, when they starred in the movie Babes in Toyland. Schoelen and Reeves reportedly for nearly about three years, and then broke up amicably. Afterward, Schoelen moved on to a little known actor by the name Brad Pitt! Those two were engaged for three months back in 1989 before they split as well

2. China Chow

The daughter of restaurateur Michael Chow and late model/designer Tina Chow was briefly involved with Keanu back in 2008. They were spotted topless in the Mediterranean Sea together by photographers while on holiday in the French Riviera. They broke up not long after. But they were spotted together at a charity event this year, which seems to suggest that there are no hard feelings between them.

China Chow Credit: PA Images

3. Sophia Ford Coppola

Keanu first started dating director and Godfather Part III actress Sophia Ford Coppola after hooking up with him on the set of her father's movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula. They were often spotted together in public but apparently split up around 1992.

Sophia Ford Coppola. Credit: PA Images

4. Jennifer Syme

The most significant relationship of Keanu's life was his late wife Jennifer Syme. Reeves and Syme met in 1998 and married not long after. In 1999, Syme became pregnant with their daughter, Ava. Syme later had a miscarriage, and they broke up. Although the two remained friends, Syme tragically died in a car crash in 2001 after she drove her Jeep into a row of parked cars.

Jennifer Syme and Keanu Reeves. Credit: PA Images

5. (Honorable Mention) Sandra Bullock 

Although they never dated officially, when Keanu and Reeves met on the set of the bus-chase action movie Speed they both had the hots for one another. In a recent appearance on the talk show Ellen, Reeves revealed that he had a pretty big crush on his co-star.

Watch Keanu talk about his crush on Speed co-star Sandra Bullock in an interview with Ellen:

Meanwhile, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bullock stated: "Just to make sure the chemistry was okay between me and Keanu. We had to do all these really physical scenes together, rolling around on the floor and stuff. At one point Keanu stumbled into me and sort of grabbed my butt. I asked him, ‘Are you copping a feel?’ He got all panicky and was like, ‘Nooooo! I wasn’t!'"

So there you have it. Keanu certainly does have a complicated dating history. But the internet really seems to be enamored with Grant, particularly due to the fact that she's an age-appropriate girlfriend.