Ariel Winter faces backlash after asking followers to donate to sick cousin's recovery fund

Ariel Winter faces backlash after asking followers to donate to sick cousin's recovery fund

On Monday, 'Modern Family' star Ariel Winter asked her 643,000 Twitter followers to donate to her sick cousin Tino Tsutras's recovery fund. Recently doctors diagnosed him with Haemophilus influenzae, a type of bacteria that can cause several kinds of infections, including meningitis (inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord), septicaemia (blood poisoning) and pneumonia (inflammation of air sacs in the lungs).

In a subsequent tweet, Winter shared photos of her with Tsutras, prompting some fans to pray for his health and pledge donations to the GoFundMe campaign.

However, many people criticized Winter, a rich Hollywood actress, for asking fans to donate. "Net worth of $12 million asking people with net worth in negative numbers for money," wrote @JoeHanussak. "Classic. I'm poor as hell taking care of a disabled wife, disabled mother inlaw, and a step son paying tons of child support. Dont see me asking for money."

"Surely you’re able to throw some if not all of the $15k in," observed @Ben_fl85, and @folarin agreed, tweeting, "I love when people who are in the 1% as us to donate. His 15k goal compared to what you make seems so small. Why not pick up the tab." "According to Forbes, you are paid $100,000 per episode of Modern Family," @RebekkaHardin pointed out. "F*** out of here."

"Thanks for your shitty response to my sick cousin," Winter replied to one critic. "What makes you think I’m not [donating]? Love assumptions! BTW— if someone isn’t able to donate, then I absolutely wouldn’t want them to. His friend created the gofundme so I will of course share for my cousin like anyone else would. ✌🏼"

"My family will continue doing everything we can for him (which shouldn’t even be a question) outside of gofundme as well," she continued. "Criticizing someone when a family member is ill or has suffered a tragedy is horrible. Especially when someone has no idea what’s happening in our real lives."

"And I hope all the sheep see this and throw all the hate they can because I guarantee they are complete idiots," responded one of the critics, Twitter user @GRIM17521357. "Your current net worth is $12 million and by statistics each episode of modern family you were taking in 250k-500k."

Winter fired back, "Where did you get that info? A reputable source? Must not have been because neither of those things are true facts. I responded the way I did because this is a difficult time for my cousin and our whole family and it just adds more pain when someone is incredibly insensitive."

On Tuesday, Winter responded to the backlash, writing, "I’m shocked at how many people have sent me hate tweets about my cousin instead of a simple, kind message showing him some love and support. Nothing else needed to be done aside from that. I re-posted a gofundme that my cousin’s friend made just as anyone else would. Hurtful."

The 21-year-old actress also retweeted a sympathetic message from a fan: "Knowing you, when you were asked you to share the link because of your platform + following OF COURSE, you shared," wrote @DavinaAdjani. "Knowing your heart, you are doing many things for Tino behind the scenes. Those who use a painful time in your life to put you down are weak themselves. Love&Prayers"

As of this writing, Tsutras' recovery fund has raised $20,000.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Winter has a net worth of $12 million and makes $125,000 per episode of Modern Family, although the actress disputes those numbers.