Bebe Rexha feared she was 'going to get raped' in horrifying ordeal

Bebe Rexha feared she was 'going to get raped' in horrifying ordeal

Over the last few months, Bebe Rexha has been very outspoken when it comes to the treatment of women in the music industry. Drawing from her own experiences of size discrimination and predatory behaviour from music producers, the Meant To Be singer has no qualms about speaking out against injustice.

Bebe Rexha talks about body positivity on The Jonathan Ross Show:

Recently, in fact, the Meant To Be singer spoke about her experiences as part of the October issue of Cosmopolitan UK. And one particular ordeal the pop star recounted is truly horrifying. She was in a situation in which she allegedly feared - as she put it - she was "going to get raped".

"There was one night. I was alone in the studio and a [different] producer had a group of five or six guys with him. I had heard things about him from his past and I just couldn’t take it any more. I felt like I was going to get raped. I quietly called myself a taxi from the recording booth, which was enclosed, and I got the f**k out of there. It was the worst night ever."

In a separate incident, the 30-year-old recalled how uncomfortable she felt when a music producer asked to massage her feet inside the studio:

"One time he tried to go above my knees and was getting a little rough, [so] I pulled my feet away. He said, 'Nah, I'm going to do what I want.' But I was raised to never let someone touch my body if I don't want them to."He's really famous. My former managers said, 'Just work with him, you need a hit song.’"

It was incidents such as these which prompted Bebe to launch Women In Harmony in 2018. It's an initiative to help female creatives in the music industry support one other.

"I wish I’d had someone to talk to when I was going through all of that. You need support. I want to create a safe environment for women to come together," she asserted.

You go, Bebe!