Blake Lively had the perfect response to being mocked on Instagram

Blake Lively had the perfect response to being mocked on Instagram

Blake Lively is a woman of many talents. By this point, I probably don't even have to list them to you, but I will anyway, just for fun.

The Gossip Girl star is, of course, a fantastic actress, a remarkable mother, an adoring wife, an impressive cook and a humanitarian who has supported charities including Red Cross and American Foundation for AIDS Research.

One thing she isn't so fabulous at though? The internet.

Sure, Blake is in the news on the regular for her witty comebacks and all-round sassy social media presence. However, when it comes to the technical side of the online world, she rarely keeps on top of things. Case in point: last year, she reportedly lost her Twitter password so had no idea what people were talking about when they asked her about husband Ryan Reynolds' hilarious tweets.

"Luckily I lost my password to Twitter about a year and a half ago, so I haven't been able to keep up. Everybody's always asking about it, but I never know. He's so funny, but [needs] a lot of therapy," she said.

However, lately the actress' lack of social media expertise was made clear on another platform. A few days ago, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star took to Instagram to post pictures of her and Ryan at an Aviation Gin - a US-based craft distillery which was recently acquired by Deadpool star - party.

But things didn't go to plan, with one fan noticing that Blake had forgotten to put a space between the emoji and the tag, meaning she was unable to tag her husband in the post. Tagging her friend, the follower - who went by the name of @ani_mar20 on the social media site - wrote: "I'm crying at her and the fact that she doesn't know she needs to put a space after an emoji for the tag to work".

The comment was obviously light-hearted, with no offence intended. Nonetheless, it didn't take long for some of Blake's fans to get annoyed. " wow... With this much love and beauty in the post.. This is what you come up with.. SMH," wrote social media user @philiamazin. She was joined by moharrison1902 who put "@ani_mar20 TROLLLLLL" and sherry__ponce who commented saying "@blakelively haters gonna hate."

However, being one the classiest celebrities around, Blake herself knew it was a joke - and knew exactly how to respond. "@ani_mar20 Good Point! @blakelively is so dumb!!!!" she wrote.

In addition, after her mistake had been pointed out, the Age of Adeline star went back in and edited the caption, this time nailing it. "Best friend. Owner of @aviationgin. Sexy AF. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. ♥️ @vancityreynolds", she put, bringing many of her fans to their knees with her adorable comment.

So, what did we learn from this? Basically that Blake Lively is bad at technology, fabulous at witty comebacks and one half of one of the most adorable couples of all time.