Chrissy Teigen got hit in the face by an umbrella live on TV and the internet is crying

Chrissy Teigen got hit in the face by an umbrella live on TV and the internet is crying

New Year's Eve is a difficult night to get right. The expectations are set so high that even an average night can end up feeling bitterly disappointing, especially when you compare it to the good times others are sharing across social media. Sometimes you want a wild night, but other times you simply want to relax and chill out at home without having to think about partying whatsoever.

There are all kinds of experiences you can have this time of year, and some people try to go all out - flocking to big landmarks in their city to celebrate with huge crowds of people. For instance, every year New Yorkers gather in Times Square to see in the new year, while the whole event is shared on live television, along with a few hosts to make it all a neat little package.

This year Carson Daly was joined by Leslie Jones and Chrissy Teigen to cover the celebrations, and they were met by their fair share of rain. However, there was one particular moment that stuck with those watching - when Leslie Jones accidentally hit Teigen in the face with her umbrella. And it's the expression Teigen's face that absolutely makes the moment:

And it was right at the start of the year too, with the music in full flow:

Naturally, Twitter - who are already basically in love with Teigen's online persona - had a field day with the video.

Soon after, both Teigen and Jones weighed in on what happened. "Ugh I can’t believe I hit @chrissyteigen in face!! Lordt!!" Leslie wrote on Twitter. "I love you boo!! So sorry!! #thatswhyihateumbrellas"

Then Teigen just couldn't resist making a pun about the eyeful she received:

Well, however your New Year's Eve turned out this year, be thankful that you didn't start it in quite the same way Teigen did.