Comedian who parodies sexy celebrity Instagram posts says that stars love her work

Comedian who parodies sexy celebrity Instagram posts says that stars love her work

If you haven't seen Celeste Barber's Instagram account yet, you need to.

The Australian comedian is now infamous for parodying celebrity photos online - and, rest assured, she shows no mercy.

From flailing around in an attempt to recreate Rihanna's sexy poolside pose, to smothering herself in dirt to poke fun at Gwyneth Paltrow's sultry mud shoot, the 35-year-old has become the antidote to the flawless Instagram posts from celebrities that we see day in, day out on our feeds.

You'd think A-listers would hate her, but apparently, you'd be wrong. In a new interview, Celeste insisted that she counts some of the most famous people out there as her biggest fans.

Speaking to The Times, the comedian claimed that, over the years, she had received endorsements from Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford, who all adored her hilarious recreations.

After Celeste posted a video of herself mocking Crawford's Pepsi advert, she apparently received a personal message from the model, telling her she'd "killed it".

In addition, Kardashian momager Jenner reposted an article about her pictures, writing "This girl cracks me up. LOL!"

The comedian started taking the hilarious photos as a running joke between her and her sister, but in 2015 started to post them online.

Uploading her own version of Kim Kardashian reclining on a hill of rocks wearing only underwear, stockings and ankle boots, Celeste gained 42,000 Instagram followers overnight.

Since then, her account has exploded and she now boasts five million followers who regularly lap up her amusing content.

In the same interview with The Times, Celeste explained the purpose behind the photos, claiming they were to show the difference between A-lister's highly edited and unattainable images, and real life.

She said: "Fashion is art and I enjoy the spectacle, but we're struggling to differentiate [on social media]. So when we're constantly being fed unattainable things passed off as the norm, I just want to shout 'Stop!'"

Despite her body-positive message, Celeste found herself at the centre of a weight loss advertising campaign scandal this week when her pictures were used without her permission in an advert selling diet patches.

The ad in question shows two images she previously poked fun at on her Instagram profile. However, the company who stole them edited the purpose of the shots, claiming that Celeste was the "before" and the celebrities were the "after".

After being alerted to the ad's existence by a fan, the Australian took to social media to call out the retail company.

"Hey! What's this all about? You can't use my photos especially to sell body shaming products!" she angrily wrote on Twitter.

The company has not yet commented on their decision to steal and repurpose her photos.

While she may copy celebrity pictures, you can't deny that, when it comes to body positivity, Celeste is the true star in this situation.