Eagle eyed fans have spotted Miley Cyrus subtly shading Taylor Swift and it's gloriously petty

Eagle eyed fans have spotted Miley Cyrus subtly shading Taylor Swift and it's gloriously petty

There are lots of great and interesting things going on in the world right now, but let's digress to talk about celebrities shading each other, because it appears that's what you guys love reading about the most. Tea has been spilt my friends, and two country-pop-icons have been getting their claws out.

Last week, the New York Post published an article titled "Everything Britney did, Taylor does better". They were claiming that Britney Spears' success as a musician and performer has been greatly overshadowed by the eminence of Taylor Swift. It comes after both singers hit the New York area with their respective tours this week.

Righto, let's not get too caught up in the fact that this kind of comparison article doesn't really spread an empowering message, because, clearly, the idea of the article was to get a rise out of fans. One look at different fan accounts on Twitter is enough to inform you that stans are always ready to strike when it comes to defending their favourite celeb.

Anyway, the New York Post article was ridiculed by some, including hair colourist Justin Anderson. He's worked with the likes of Leighton Meester, Margo Robbie and Jennifer Aniston, so it should come as no surprise that several of his celebrity clients follow him on Instagram. Miley Cyrus is one such person, who Anderson has worked with on a number of occasions.

So the hot goss here is that Anderson reposted the New York Post article on Instagram, only this time swapping the pic for a montage of video clips of different celebrities laughing. You could interpret the post as him laughing at the idea that Swift is "better" than Spears, or just that he's scoffing at the entire article itself.

It was the first interpretation that people wanted to run with, especially after it was pointed out that Miley Cyrus liked the post. This very simple gesture had people convinced that the 25-year-old was subtly throwing shade at Swift, by agreeing with Anderson that Swift out-doing Spears was a hilarious concept.

Of course, this scandalous move by Cyrus was not taken lightly by Swifties, who bombarded the post with outraged comments. I would share them with you but TBH, they're really long and kind of annoying and the point that this person made is probably the most reasonable comment about the whole thing: "yeah let’s pit women against each other, because there’s like 3 of them charting inside of hot100 right now".

I mean, to say that Cyrus liking the post is an act of "hate" against Swift is a bit much. It could just be that she was entertained by the video – J-Lo's laugh is quite something, you've got to admit.

After all, the two singers have done collabs together on a number of occasions – remember when they sang Fifteen together at the Grammy's? Or when Swift starred in the Hannah Montana movie?

Everyone: I implore you to chill. Perhaps it was a bit of shade, but it probably wasn't. We really shouldn't be getting our knickers in a twist about a measly Instagram like.