Fans are extremely concerned for Tara Reid after bizarre live TV interview

Fans are extremely concerned for Tara Reid after bizarre live TV interview

You know what's insane? The fact that there are six Sharknado films. Yup; as if a movie about tornados filled with flying, man-eating sharks wasn't a dumb enough idea the first time around, a whole group of Hollywood executives apparently decided that it was solid enough to make a franchise out of. To be honest though, I don't think any of those films would exist without American Pie actress Tara Reid looking to earn an easy dollar. Seriously Tara: you deserve better than this.

Sadly, Tara Reid has been something of a troubled star since her feature debut back in 1998, and has struggled with an alcohol addiction. She appeared to have something of a career resurgence in 2014, but now a recent interview she conducted to promote the newest Sharknado movie has left her fans feeling alarmed, when she appeared to slur her words and sounded confused and disorientated.

The interview, which aired on Australian station Channel 9 on the morning of Friday August 17, was introduced by the host Deborah Knight as "the American sweetheart who quickly became one of Hollywood's biggest party girls". She seemed to live up to her reputation, according to many social media users, who assumed when watching the interview that The Big Lebowski star was drunk on her live feed from New York.

In the chaotic interview she stated: It's my favourite one. It's so ridiculous, it's so bad that it's good ... It's just out of control, like, the movie, it does, it takes every step to the next level.' It... it really makes sense. From the first one. It really does it. It makes, like, a complete circle. I do really think it's gonna be the end. [sic]" Things got so bad that the sounds of stifled laughter could be heard from behind the camera at one point.

Many fans have made it clear how worried they are about her: one Twitter user wrote "OMG she looked and sounded totally out of it - slurring her words. And so thin, she can't be well," while another wrote: "I saw it happening ... I was thinking, firstly, what’s happened to her face? And secondly.. why is she squinting and speaking like that? [sic]"

Indeed, in a recent interview, Reid appeared to be contrite about her former party girl antics, stating: "I would do a lot of stuff differently. I wouldn't have gone out so much and been so crazy. When I started out, I wasn't aware I would lose all my privacy, so I was doing everything that your average 21-year-old does, but it was there for everyone to see. I should have made wiser choices about where to go and what to do, because that kind of all caught up on me and it changed everything."

Hopefully everything is alright with Tara and she's not in need of help. It seems as though she has a lot of fans who care about her.