Fans are obsessed after Sophie Turner debuts new 'Game of Thrones' tattoo

Fans are obsessed after Sophie Turner debuts new 'Game of Thrones' tattoo

I've been considering getting a tattoo recently - and by recently, I mean the last seven or so years of my life. I'm just that indecisive, thinking I should be 100% certain when I'm getting ink done, and have been drawing a blank when it comes to design ideas for a long time now.

One of the suggestions I've had recently is that I should get one related to a movie or TV show I love. I'm not entirely sold on the idea, as there's always the chance something I like now isn't something I'm overly fond of ten years from now, but it's a potential route to take. There are plenty of people out there with Simpsons or Harry Potter designs, so why not join that number?

In fact, there are some people out there, like Sophie Turner, who are getting tattoos of their own TV shows.

Last November, Turner and singer Joe Jonas announced their engagement on Instagram. And, as it turned out - fellow Game of Thrones cast member and Stark sister Maisie Williams had been chosen as Turner's bridesmaid for the event.

Then, once March came around, her fiance got a tattoo of the actress on his leg. While it's not exactly clear what the subject of the design was, fans on Twitter were quick to point out it is likely based on a specific shot of Sophie as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

A few weeks later, it was reported that Turner had a very similar tattoo, seemingly of the same woman looking over her shoulder. It's probably a good idea doing this, rather than getting one another's name tattooed. After all, you never know what will happen down the line, so this is a safer design to get done.

Likely to commemorate the Game of Thrones now that they're nearing the end of production on the final season, which is set to be released next year, Turner has got a new tattoo based on her character. The tattoo artist, Lauren Winzer, posted a shot of Sophie's leg after she had completed the artwork. "Thank you so much for getting this done from me @sophiet," her caption read, "bad ass !"

The image is of a direwolf - the sigil for House Stark - and the quote below reads "The pack survives." This quote comes from none other than Ned Stark (Sansa's father), when he gives advice to his youngest daughter Arya (played by Maisie Williams). In the first book in George R R Martin's series, he says:

"In the winter, we must protect ourselves – look after one another. Sansa is your sister.

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

This doubles up as a cool line to get printed, and some pretty insightful advice for anyone to follow. Though Ned never explicitly says this in the show, Sansa did repeat it in the seventh season of the show.

It's not the only Game of Thrones tattoo that Turner has either, according to some sources. Insider reported that both Turner and Maisie Williams both got the date "07.08.05" tattoo'd to reference the date they were both cast on the show.