Gordon Ramsay is being dad-shamed after uploading a picture with his baby

Gordon Ramsay is being dad-shamed after uploading a picture with his baby

Gordon Ramsay is being dad-shamed online after sharing a photo of himself on Instagram with his three-month-old son.

Ramsay, 52, who became a father for the fifth time when his son Oscar was born earlier this year, took a picture of himself with the infant in an adorable little harness, and the likeness between Oscar and his celebrity chef father was clear for all to see. But some commenters have some issues with the way Gordon is carrying his little boy.

"Walk in the Park with my new best mate @oscarjramsay," captioned Ramsay in the photo (the baby already allegedly has an Instagram account in his name, managed by his sister Tilly), but while the photo tugged at a lot of heartstrings, some took issue with the way Ramsay was holding his baby.

"He's so SCRUMPTIOUS 😍 However, please take a look at TICKS rules for babywearing, to keep you and Oscar safe 😘," said one user, while another offered similar advice: "That support is not ergonomic and the child's forehead position is not recommended. I advise you to change support for a more pleasant babywearing experience for both!"

"That harness is way to love and he should be facing towards you not away from you! [sic]" said another user, and a fourth user went into more detail:

"How lovely you wrap your baby, but Babybjorn is not good for the baby. First of all you’ll need to habe his forehead right so you can kiss it without bending over. The baby is way to small to sit front out ... just a friendly advice ❤️ may I suggest @ergobaby or another brand there’s is recommended.."

But some users leapt to Gordon Ramsay's side, with this user pointing out that he has had four children before this, and that the baby would be fine.

"To and for all who seem to think that Gordan Ramsey doesn't know how to hold his own child HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING THIS ISNT HIS FIRST CHILD!!! And his baby is just fine, so just let him take care of his child and you all go take care of your own children!! [sic]"

"I'm sick and tired of people telling other people what they need or should do with there child and this isn't Gordan Ramsey's first time he knows what he is doing !! [sic]" added the Instagram user.