Gordon Ramsay reveals that he's expecting his fifth child with his wife Tana

Gordon Ramsay reveals that he's expecting his fifth child with his wife Tana

Ah, Gordon Ramsay. When it comes to the world of celebrity chefs, there's nobody more recognisable, nor more watchable, than the 52-year-old host of Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and more. Over the past couples of decades, nobody's given us as many soundbites, as many glorious burns.

I'm sure I don't have to remind you too much of the hilarity he can bring.

So here we have Ramsay, a chef world-renowned for his volatile, sweary nature. If you're anything like me, your first thought is that "this man should not be around children", but it might surprise you to know that Gordon Ramsay actually has a pretty big family.

He's got four kids, including 19-year-old twins, with his wife Tana, and this New Year's Day, his family is about to get a little bit bigger. Addressing the world as the calendars made their transition from 2018 to 2019, Gordon Ramsay announced that he's expecting a fifth child.

Taking to Instagram with the joyous news, it wasn't initially clear what Ramsay meant when he captioned his video: "Exciting news! Happy new year from all the Ramsay's." That could be anything, right? But once you watch the video, everything made much more sense.

Isn't that totally adorable? With the camera, Ramsay pans to each of his children, going from 21-year-old Megan, to the 19-year-olds Jack and Holly, before going to 17-year-old Matilda. They take turns wishing everyone a happy New Year, but then the camera pans to Gordon's wife Tana.

She then lifts up her sweatshirt to reveal an adorable little baby bump, and that can only mean one thing, folks! It means a baby, in case you were a little foggy on that. Gordon's having a baby. This is especially heartwarming after Tana suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage a few years prior.

The couple sadly lost the baby at five months back in 2016, but stayed positive, and now they're looking forward to welcoming new life and love to the Ramsay household! He might be a gruff, angry guy on television, but underneath the chef's coat and the swears, Gordon Ramsay's a really loving dad.

He's proved that many times over, like when he was talking up his twins after they picked up their A-Level results. They did outstandingly well in the final year before university, and sharing a loving pic on Instagram, he revealed: "Dinner's on me."

Of course, he does have plenty of time for a couple of friendly family roasts once in a while. Just ask his youngest, who got her GCSE results around the same time as her older siblings got their A-Levels, but while she nailed most of her exams, Gordon Ramsay gave his daughter an extra grade she might not be so proud of.

Ouch. What a roast, huh? But since he spends so much time being a loving dad, you can forgive him having a little fun once in a while. Congratulations to Gordon and the rest of the Ramsay family!