Jennifer Garner absolutely loses it after receiving surprise call from Julie Andrews

Jennifer Garner absolutely loses it after receiving surprise call from Julie Andrews

Jennifer Garner had a perfectly normal reaction to speaking to Dame Julie Andrews, and by that I mean she completely lost her sh*t, naturally.

The 13 Going on 30 actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a collage of her emotional reactions to a phone call from the film and music legend that is Julie Andrews.

Garner revealed that the Mary Poppins star called her at the bequest of Katie Couric. The television host recently interviewed Andrews on her podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric, which aired yesterday.

"@katiecouric asked #JulieAndrews to call me. It was a surprise. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn this, but I love her. Happy Thanksgiving to all of us. #zerochill #thankyoukatie" Garner captioned the slew of snaps which saw her go through every imaginable emotion.

Watch the trailer to the 2019 Mary Poppins Returns below: 

In one photo, the 47-year-old can be seen leaning over and burying her head in her t-shirt in excitement, and in another she kicks up her left leg with a wide grim. And it just descends from there, with the last three images showing the actress doubled up on the sofa, before apparently sliding off and landing on the floor.

In the video shared to Garner's Instagram Stories, Couric suggested that the pair meet for lunch, and even offered to join if she was in LA.

Garner is due to star in three productions this year, including a television show and two films. She will feature in the comedy, Yes Day, which sees parents only able to say "yes" to their children for an entire 24 hours.

She will then lead in the comedy-musical, Fantasy Camp, which tells the story of a middle school teacher attempting to follow her broadway aspirations while attending a performing-arts camp for adults.

Garner's also tipped to appear in the television series, My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, per IMDB.