Kendall Jenner accused of fleeing restaurant after her pet doberman allegedly 'bit a little girl'

Kendall Jenner accused of fleeing restaurant after her pet doberman allegedly 'bit a little girl'

Ahh, another day, another incident of Kar-Jenner drama to deal with.

Yes, the ever-turning wheel of fate has done its thing again, this time landing on Kendall to be the one who sparks some kind of public outrage. But - unlike her sisters' previous encounters with shoddy photoshopping skills or secret baby news - this scandal is much less Insta-worthy... but perhaps a lot more serious.

This weekend, at the Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner reportedly had the cops called on her after her dog allegedly bit a small child.

The star was out with her boyfriend, Ben Simmons, when her pooch - a Doberman Pinscher - was said to have bitten a little girl who was out with her mother. Not a lot of information on the incident has been made public, but, according to TMZ, both Jenner and the victim of the attack were sitting on the patio outside the restaurant when it happened.

"Sources say there were no obvious puncture wounds from the bite, so the deli's staff simply administered ice from inside for her injury," the celebrity news site reported.

When the girl and her mother had come out from the restaurant in order to confront Jenner, however, they found that she and Simmons had already settled their bill and left. As a result, the mother decided to call 911. No ambulance was needed, fortunately, but the police did turn up in order to take a report.

On the same day, Jenner posted this series of images of herself and her dog to Instagram:

Back in May, the KUWTK star also posted this snap to her social media feed, captioning it, "cute but she'll rip your face off" (which, in hindsight, proooobably wasn't the best thing to say).

Of course, by the sounds of things, the bite wasn't serious - and Jenner's dog was reportedly wearing a harness. For this reason, some fans believe that the incident wasn't actually the star's fault at all.

"Not saying this is what happened here but make sure your kids know not to reach towards a dog without asking if it’s ok from a distance away," commented one person. "Kids have done that to me so many times and it scares the heck out of me. I know parents usually realize then to tell the kids; But it’s better if they know beforehand."

Meanwhile, others believed that the situation was simply blown out of proportion: "I understand getting mad, but calling the cops? that's extreme. oh well, anything goes in california I guess."

After the police spoke to the mother and others at the scene, they handed the case over to animal control. It is not year clear whether Jenner has been contacted by authorities about her dog's behaviour, nor what the consequences would be if she was found responsible for injuring a child.