Lady Gaga suffers brutal fall after overexcited fan drops her

Lady Gaga suffers brutal fall after overexcited fan drops her

Have you ever woken up after a crazy night out and suddenly remembered doing something really stupid and that's probably why you're covered in bruises? Well, I'm guessing that's how Lady Gaga is feeling right now after a video has been circulated online showing the 'Pokerface' singer taking a nasty fall off stage after she was dancing with a very excited fan.

Per the Metro, last night was supposed to be the triumphant return for the songstress to her Enigma residency in Las Vegas, Nevada, since last performing there back in June. However, as this fan-shot footage proves, the opening night did not go smoothly as Gaga took a hellacious bump after thinking it was a good idea to let a fan pick her up and dance with her.

As you can see from the footage below, Gaga should definitely leave the dancing to the professionals:

The short clip shows the 33-year-old singer and actress dancing on stage with a fan, with her legs wrapped around his waist. However, following some energetic gyrating, the man loses his footing and the pair come tumbling off the stage and towards the ground - Gaga first.

That's right, if it wasn't bad enough falling into the pit, Gaga appears to have the full weight of the man come crashing down on top of her.

The footage was posted by a fan account and informed Gaga’s followers: "Lady Gaga fell off stage tonight during Enigma. Thankfully, she is ok and continuing with the show #ENIGMA."

The video was also captioned: "Holy s**t I can’t believe I got that on camera wait for her to fall holy s**t’."

Since taking the tumble, Gaga is yet to address the incident on her social media accounts, but she did post several images of herself preparing for her Vegas comeback - which included a shot of her in an ice bath.

She captioned the series of images: "Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20."

The Enigma residency first debuted at the Park MGM in Las Vegas back in December 2018, with breaks from February to May 2019 and from the end of June until this week. The show is currently scheduled to come to an end in May of 2020, with the two-year contract rumored to be earning Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – somewhere in the region of $100 million (£78 million), Rolling Stone report.