Lindsay Lohan is apparently 'heartbroken' over furious reaction to Instagram video of woman hitting her for trying to 'steal' her kids

Lindsay Lohan is apparently 'heartbroken' over furious reaction to Instagram video of woman hitting her for trying to 'steal' her kids

Lindsay Lohan has done some questionable things over the course of her career. In the last year alone, she's professed her support for Harvey Weinstein, gone full rage-mode on Instagram over two of her employees wearing the wrong kind of shoes, and sparked a viral trend with some really weird dance moves.

This weekend, however, she went over and above her normal level of Lohan strangeness when she live-streamed a video of herself following a family through the streets in Moscow and describing their actions while speaking in English, Russian, and Arabic, and putting on a foreign accent.

In the clip, Lohan approached a seemingly homeless family whom she describes as "Syrian refugees". She says she's "really worried about" them and offers to take the children - two young boys - to a hotel, saying that they shouldn't be "on the floor" outside.

Her sentiments quickly become sinister, however, as she accuses the parents of trafficking the children.

"You’re ruining Arabic culture by doing this," she says. "I won’t leave until I take you. Now I know who you are. Don’t f**k with me."

The mother, in response, turns and hits Lohan to stop her from following them.

After the clip went viral, the Mean Girls actress received huge amounts of criticism from people on social media.

Now, a source close to Lohan has come out to say that the star is utterly "heartbroken" over the reaction to the clip, and that she was only trying to help the family.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, the anonymous source said:

"As Lindsay sees it, it’s apparent she’s trying her hardest to help these people. She’s even communicating with them in their own language, and how many Americans can speak Arabic? Yet, everybody just wants to ridicule her for it.

"All she wanted was to provide somewhere warm, safe and comfortable for the whole family to stay, instead of them having to be on the street.

"When the mother and father rejected her help, Lindsay wanted to take the children somewhere safe, so at least they would be OK for the night, and she made it clear that she would return the children to their parents the next day."

The source does not mention the fact that Lohan accused the parents of trafficking their own children, nor that the actress was coming across as particularly aggressive during the clip.

To most people, this defence seems pretty weak, especially as Lohan certainly wasn't offering the whole family a place to stay. Really, she was only trying to take the boys away from their family - and it's pretty easy to understand why the mother reacted badly to this.

The actress has yet to address the incident herself, and her Instagram account has not been updated with any more clips since the initial live stream.