Megan Fox let her sons wear 'girl' clothes, and the internet is divided

Megan Fox let her sons wear 'girl' clothes, and the internet is divided

For celebrities, social media is a minefield of trolls and critics who have an opinion about their career, or their politics, or their personal life. And for celebrity mothers in particular, that minefield is easily triggered by basically anything. So, when Megan Fox let her sons wear "girls'" clothes out in public, the internet had something to say.

The mother-of-three has been spotted out and about with her two older sons, Noah and Bodhi, on various occasions - and sometimes the little ones enjoy wearing princess costumes or flowing skirts. And why shouldn't they? There's nothing inherently female about a dress: it's just a bit of fabric. And, even if there was, it wouldn't be a bad thing for a boy to wear one.

Quite often, though, individuals are criticised for wearing clothes that don't "match" their perceived gender, and parents that allow their kids to wear what they want usually face a similar reception.

However, one viral post on Twitter has commended the Transformers star for letting her kids wear conventionally "feminine" clothing - and so many people commented with their support.

"Megan Fox with her sons is the purest thing in the world," wrote Twitter user, @elljeshaw, who has since deleted the tweet.

This was then followed by another tweet from @lenachastain, who pointed out that Charlize Theron also allows her son to wear whatever he wants - and anyone who has a problem with that should simply "shut the f**k up".

"Neither Megan and Charlize are definitely NOT FORCING them to wear those “girl” clothes," she wrote. "They wear what they like. They wear whatever makes them feel good, nice. Leave them the f**k alone. [The] world has bigger problems than homophobes being pressed over a boy wearing a dress. Some cities in america still don’t have clean water. Donald Tr*mp is still a president. we’re all going to die soon if we don’t save the bees."

And it seems the appreciation has been around for a while, as this tweet from last year is also super supportive of Fox's approach to motherhood.

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy to see two little boys expressing themselves and being comfortable in their own skin, and - instead of just keeping their opinions to themselves - decided to share their thoughts with the internet.

"Why does Megan Fox let her sons wear dresses?" wrote one person. "Kids don’t know s**t until you teach them. When they said mom can I get a princess dress all she had to say was no. That’s it."

"Mannn... this should not be fine," said another.

In fact, @elljeshaw's post got so much hate that she had to comment underneath it to defend her standpoint.

"You can all shut the fuck up in my mentions," she wrote. "Letting her children wear dresses isn’t going to make them “transgender” or “gay” you’re born that way, all she’s doing is allowing them to dress and express themselves how THEY WANT TO LIKE ANY GOOD PARENT SHOULD."

Fox is obviously doing nothing wrong by letting her kids wear what they want. She's not hurting them or anyone else, and those who believe otherwise should probably question why they think that before spewing hate on the internet.