People are calling Kanye West's new foam Yeezy sneakers '£400 crocs'

People are calling Kanye West's new foam Yeezy sneakers '£400 crocs'

There's no doubt that Kanye West is a trendsetter; someone who doesn't follow convention, and is never happier than when he's making big (and often histrionic) statements. Sometimes that rebellious steak can be a good thing, and end up producing a genius album like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

But sometimes Kanye's need to make a point can end up backfiring and provoking more controversy, like when he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift, or when he publicly pledged his support for US President Donald Trump. But now it seems that, of all things under the sun, his new line of footwear has gotten people really annoyed.

Check out the Christmas present Kanye got for Kim: 

Yes, it seems as though Kanye's new sneakers, the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners, have reminded people of Crocs more than anything else. They've not yet been released in stores, but Kanye recently dropped a picture of two models wearing them on social media, and suffice to say, they were pretty roundly criticised by the general public.

The eccentric sneaker was originally spotted on the feet of Kanye's daughter North. But these photos, unveiled by Yeezy Mafia, give us a much closer look at these moulded foam shoes.

The sneakers are essentially laceless plimsols which make use of a breathable porous design, which has inevitably led to critics drawing comparisons to between them and Crocs.

However, maybe Kanye shouldn't feel so bad about his shoes being compared to that particular brand, because, as it turns out, another famous musician (and style icon) is apparently a big fan of them.

Yes, recently Ariana Grande uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram, where she was seen wearing Crocs with socks, and frankly, her fans don't know what to make of it.