Pregnant Jessica Simpson sends out cry for help, posting picture of painfully swollen feet

Pregnant Jessica Simpson sends out cry for help, posting picture of painfully swollen feet

When it comes to being pregnant, people go on and on about how you can eat anything you want, the infamous 'pregnancy glow' and the time off work.

But if we're being honest here, growing a human in your stomach ain't no picnic. Case in point: Jessica Simpson.

Yesterday, the singer took to social media to send out a cry for help with her painfully swollen feet.

Posting a photo of her left foot and ankle looking bigger than any foot or ankle should ever be, the Take My Breath Away songstress begged for assistance, writing: "Any remedies?! Help!!!!"

Soon enough, the comment section was flooded with tips from compassionate fans who had thought up plenty of ways to relieve her pain, with everything from bathing in Epsom salts, to drinking more water, to compression socks mentioned.

Another suggestion - "go have the baby" - perhaps wasn't appreciated.

As well as suggesting remedies though, many of Jessica's followers sent sheds of sympathy her way.

"Holy moly! Looks serious! Please let us know how you are doing? Hope this issue is being addressed. Just want to make sure you are doing well," wrote one.

Another added: "Oh my goodness! The things we go through for children. I'm sure all the swelling will be gone when the babies out oh... I'm assuming the due date is close... good luck you look beautiful".

The Newlyweds star has two children already with her husband Eric Johnson: six-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson and five-year-old son Ace Knute Johnson.

During her last pregnancy, she suffered similar issues, admitting to Entertainment Tonight that she had used frozen chicken to soothe her feet.

"I think it was frozen chicken, it was frozen chicken… alphabetic chicken tenders," she said. "My feet were so swollen, I was like, 'What do people do to, like, deflate?' and you use ice. I didn’t have an ice pack. I just used chicken."

She's certainly not the only mother to suffer though; during pregnancy, the body is said to produce roughly 50 per cent more blood and body fluids in order to meet the needs of the developing baby.

Known as edema, swelling in the hands, face, legs, ankles and feet is completely normal and millions of women are likely to go through it each year.

Jessica's third pregnancy was somewhat unexpected, given the fact that only months before, she had told Ellen Degeneres she would not be having a third child.

"We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus. I have two beautiful children, and I’m not having a third," the These Boots Are Made For Walking singer said.

Despite this, the 38-year-old is said to be enjoying the experience, allegedly describing it as "so special".

According to Hollywood Life, a friend of hers said: "Jessica is doing great, she’s really enjoying her pregnancy. She didn’t really plan or expect to be pregnant a third time, so it all feels so special. And one of the best parts about it is that she gets to share the excitement with her kids, they’re old enough to understand and are fully invested.

"She says they ask her almost every day how much longer until the baby arrives. Maxwell is especially excited to be getting a baby sister, she was thrilled when they found out they were having a girl."

Hang in there with your sore feet, Jessica! Your beautiful baby will be with you soon enough.