Ruby Rose reveals that her dog has an unhealthy obsession with her dirty underwear

Ruby Rose reveals that her dog has an unhealthy obsession with her dirty underwear

When thinking about the glitzy, glamorous lives of celebrities, it's easy to forget that they still have to deal with the same boring, gross, or positively un-glitzy things that we do.

Famous folks with kids, for example, don't get out of changing diapers or dealing with temper tantrums, and celebs with pets have to put up with the same day-to-day chores as us mere mortals. That includes everything from poop-scooping to early morning walkies to endless games of "where have you hidden the TV remote".

And Ruby Rose knows this all too well.

Not only has she had to deal with a rescue pig she bought her mom several years ago, the 32-year-old actress and model has also encountered her own problems with her dogs.

"Listen, I’ve woken up to some weird s**t," the Orange is the New Black star wrote in the first of a series of tweets yesterday.

"[I] Once woke up to two lizards having sex on my bedroom window, I once found a drone in my back yard, I recorded scenes from 'It' on my camera and replaced the SD card (Then an 8 year old came to get it and I quickly took the card out )...

"But today I woke up to all my underwear from my "dirty" laundry basket (which is a tall basket INSIDE my house) lined up in my backyard on the grass…"

And who could possibly have been to blame? Well, thankfully for Rose, it wasn't some crazed stalker... but rather her Chihuahua, Charlie.

"Not saying I freaked out and thought a serial killer had done it but let's just say my dog has some serious explaining to do," she went on.

"I had to check the security footage... NOT BECAUSE I HAD 911 ready to dial or anything.. but because one of my dogs can't walk, the other can't jump that high and well... it was Charlie.. it was the perverted high jumping Chihuahua who has a thing with my underwear."

She continued: "this was the work of a skilled, agile and quick creature. Possibly pre-meditated... I haven’t pressed charges because he's my dog son... but... I’m plotting my revenge."

However, this isn't the only cringe-worthy dog story Rose has up her sleeve.

"Could be worse," she wrote later on. "I remember visiting a friends house after she bought it, and meeting her new dog...when she was in the kitchen he ran off and came back tail wagging with a gift for me, I thought it was a treat... it was a used tampon...

"I never told her, just disposed of evidence."

After attaining a huge amount of likes and retweets, Rose's story about Charlie and his strange obsession with dirty underwear made the press - but apparently not everyone saw the funny side.

Don't worry, Ruby - I'm totally on your side with this one. However, I have to admit, if any of my animal children decided to decorate my lawn with my underwear, I don't think I'd have handled it as well.