Seth MacFarlane explains why no one wants to host the Oscars anymore

Seth MacFarlane explains why no one wants to host the Oscars anymore

When Kevin Hart's old homophobic tweets sparked a backlash on Twitter, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expected him to apologize, then continue to host the show. Instead, he refused to say he was sorry, then flip-flopped, apologizing to the LBTBQ community and stepping down from the gig so he wouldn't "be a distraction."

His stint as Oscars emcee lasted about 48 hours. There was no back-up plan.

The 91st Academy Awards air on February 26, which is less than two months away, and the Academy is scrambling to find a new host. Apparently, the gig is not that attractive. The Hollywood Reporter recently published an article titled 'Why Oscar Host Has Become the Least Wanted Job in Hollywood.' The ratings plummet every year, it's a tough room to entertain, and the hosts typically take a beating from critics the day after.

So, what's the benefit for their career?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes Credit: Getty

Desirable stars - like Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - have reportedly passed on hosting. Others, such as E! talk show host Busy Philipps and three-time Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais have offered to do it, but would the Academy want them? Philipps might not be a draw. Gervais might be too offensive. Insiders say the Academy wants someone who's not too edgy or too milquetoast. According to recent reports, they're even considering not having a host at all.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Seth MacFarlane offered some insight into the debacle. The Family Guy and The Orville star hosted the Oscars back in 2013, and like many emcee's, did not return to do it again. One sketch from that ceremony definitely wouldn't fly today. In a meta-comedy bit about ruining the show, MacFarlane crooned We Saw Your Boobs, a comedic song listing actresses who appeared topless in movies. Maybe he should have followed it with We Saw Your Dongs, and listed actors who appeared pantless in movies? Just an idea.

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Anyway, MacFarlane explained why no one wants to host the Oscars anymore:

"Look, it’s a gig that has all eyes on it. And when you’re doing something that’s that much in the spotlight, with that much focus on it, that much intensity, you’re going to have a lot of opinions from a lot of people. I’m trying to think of the last time that I read a review of the Oscars the next day where everyone is raving about it—it’s been a long time.

“The thing about award shows in general is, it’s kind of a dusty format. It’s a format that’s about as current as the 1950s variety show format. There’s always an effort to make it interesting and exciting to viewers who are used to a very different entertainment landscape in the modern era, and it’s often times fitting a square peg in a round hole. So it’s not an easy job, and I’m not surprised that they have a tough time finding takers.”

The American Dad star concluded, "It’s fun! It’s a fun gig. I’ll tell you that much." Doesn't sound like it, but hey, I'll take your word for it. Will the host be Key and Peele? Billy Eichner? No one? The world is dying to know! Oh, who am I kidding? Most of us weren't going to watch it anyway.