Sophie Turner shares very NSFW picture of Joe Jonas in a bathtub

Sophie Turner shares very NSFW picture of Joe Jonas in a bathtub

If you told everyone you wanted a naked picture of Joe Jonas in a bathtub for Christmas, and they said "Ha ha ha, very funny," and you said "Yeah, sorry, just joking," but really you weren't joking, you were crying on the inside, because life has been pretty difficult lately, what with the bitter breakup, getting passed over for promotion, and suffering that nasty bout of food poisoning, it's like the world is crushing your soul in a vice, every day getting just a little bit tighter, and the only thing that can bring you a moment of sweet, sweet relief is a photo of sexy steamy sultry smoldering JJ splish splash taking a bath with puppy dog eyes only for you - then today is your goddamn lucky day.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas touched down in Paris this week to prepare for their second wedding, following their surprise $600 ceremony in Las Vegas.

Check out this incredible footage from the couple's Vegas wedding:

That's right, the pair got hitched on the strip at the famous Little White Chapel and even hired an Elvis impersonator to officiate. Sources say the event was satisfying, well-paced and made a lot of sense - in other words, the complete opposite of the Game of Thrones finale.

On Instagram, Sophie shared a romantic photo of her kissing Joe in front of an almost-picturesque background. Sadly, the pair framed their sunset photo in front of what appears to be a tall, skinny oil derrick. The metal monstrosity resembles the skeleton of an upside down piece of broccoli, spoiling the otherwise breathtaking image. What a shame.

Fortunately, Sophie compensated for that jaw-dropping blunder by sharing an absolutely perfect picture on Instagram Story. In the photo, which will certainly take Mona Lisa's place in the Louvre, her husband Joe Jonas lounges nude in the bathtub, staring into the camera.

When you gaze into JJ's mischievous eyes, you can forget about the disappointing Game of Thrones finale, forget about the breakup and getting passed over for promotion, forget about the nasty bout of food poisoning and how everyone laughs at your dreams, and shed the husk of worries, shed the husk of regrets, shed the husk of corrosive doubts and emerge as your spectacular shimmer self only to realize that that was the real Christmas present all along.