This picture of Elijah Wood riding a scooter is the internet's new favorite meme

This picture of Elijah Wood riding a scooter is the internet's new favorite meme

For me, Elijah Wood will always be Frodo Baggins, the brave hobbit brought the One Ring to Mordor, where it was destroyed. (Although everybody knows Samwise Gamgee was the real hero.) The baby-faced actor was perfectly cast in the role. When I saw him DJ'ing at a club, it took a lot of effort not to yell, "Woo! DJ Frodo!"

That's right, Elijah Wood is a DJ, and a fairly well known one. He even has his own record label, Simian Records. See, there's more to Elijah than Lord of the Rings. As a kid, he was in Free Willy and The Adventures of Huck Finn. As an adult, he was in Sin City and the dark comedy series Wilfred. He has his own production company, SpectreVision, that makes horror films. And thanks to his expressive, baby-face, he's very meme-able.

Someone snapped an amusing picture of Elijah Wood cruising by on a scooter, and the photo went viral on social media. The shot was taken in Austin, Texas, where Elijah has a second house. His other home is Bag-End in Hobbiton. Just kidding. It's a mansion in Los Angeles. Anyway, Twitter users and Redditors used the image to create hilarious memes. Enjoy.

You roll!

And the winner is...

One ring to rule them all...

Have a nice trip

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Doppleganger (Is there anything even different?!)

Making my way to Mordor

This looks like a job for...

Elijah Maul

Seems like they got over the whole ring thing

Nobody likes scooter kids at the skate park

"Walking is for suckers" (Yeah, this one's subtle)

Pretty great, right? When it comes to Photoshop, they're better craftsmen than Fëanor! You know, the Elf who forged the precious Silmarils from the unmarred light of the Two Trees of Valinor during the First Age? Anyway, you can check out the Reddit Photoshop thread here, if you crave more memes. Keep cruising like a boss, Elijah.