Will Smith pokes fun at son Jaden with throwback video

Will Smith pokes fun at son Jaden with throwback video

Jaden Smith was always going to get plenty of attention when he headed out into the spotlight, seeing as he was the son of the Fresh Prince himself. There are plenty of child stars that fade away after a little while, but it's hard to forget someone like Jaden.

It's not just his acting roles in The Karate Kid and After Earth or his music career that have kept him in focus, but his unique way of expressing himself. He's been going for outlandish styles in his public appearances ever since his teen years, and his confusing and deeply philosophical tweets have left his fans scratching their heads ever since.

Jaden has also had many styles over the years, from cornrows to an afro to dreadlocks to blonde to green to... well a few incarnations of the Batman suit. As he'd put it, he's "just an icon livin'."

He's not getting anywhere taking himself too seriously when Big Will is still about though - especially when his dad has recently joined Instagram, a platform that sees the star alternate between promoting the upcoming Bad Boys III and jokingly poking fun at his kids.

Recently, Will shared an old video from the Smith family archives, sharing with the world the time that Jaden first took control of his look at the age of six- by cutting his own hair. "I think Jaden's Reverse Fade might catch on," he captioned the post, where he said:

"So, I come in the house. You know my son Jaden, I kiss his head and there’s a little hair in my mouth, so I begin walking around the house. I start to notice little things. That’s strange. Scissors hanging out like that"

The video, which sees Will discovering that his son has given himself a strange new haircut, also features his wife, Jada, crying with laughter at the sight. The comments came in thick and fast, with even the likes of Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, Tyrese Gibson and Taraji P Henson responding to the post, which currently has 5.4 million views.

Jaden's mother Jada, commented, "I can't believe you posted this," while his grandmother Adrienne said: "Whats funny is now everyone can really see how long you been harrassing folks witcha’ camera!! Hilarious!!!! #smithchronicles!!!"

This isn't even the only time that Jaden has been the target of his father's lighthearted social media trolling. In February last year, he remade Jaden's 'ICON' music video, to the delight of their followers.

Leaning into the fact that the now 50-year-old actor is not quite 'with it' anymore, Smith made the 'dad' version of his son's outfit, fit with shorts, white socks and slippers. "J Diddy! I'm proud of you, baby. One hundred million streams!" Will says at the end of the video. "Congratulations, man. A hundred million. Congrats! I love you."