Will Smith trolls son Jaden with hilariously embarrassing birthday message

Will Smith trolls son Jaden with hilariously embarrassing birthday message

Jaden Smith has evolved from just being Will Smith's son, to child actor, to weird tweeter, to a successful hip hop artist with the style to back it up. However, while he seems to be taking everything pretty seriously, even he has to put up with his fair share of dad jokes. The only difference is that his parental embarrassment comes from the Fresh Prince himself.

The most memorable time Big Will poked fun at his son was when he achieved 100 million streams on Spotify. Telling his son "Keep Doin' You," he remade the intro to Jaden's 'Icon' music video - in full dad mode.

Then, a few months later, he dropped some of his own music once again - showing the world he wasn't quite as done with his rap persona as we thought he was.

Yesterday it was Jaden's birthday, so Smith just had to post something to his Instagram to simultaneously congratulate his son and embarrass him just a little bit. Jaden is now 20 years old (born just a few years before the Willennium), so his father posted an old childhood photo, showing Jaden dressed up in a Spider-Man outfit. The caption read:

"Happy Bday, Jaden. 20 Years Old ~ WHOA!

"And Wait... I don’t know what the big deal was when you wore a White Batman Suit to Prom?

"You have ALWAYS worn superhero suits on your dates!"

Funnily enough, the child next to Jaden in the photo is model Jordyn Woods - also known for being close friends with Kylie Jenner. What's more, the 'White Batman Suit' that Will mentions is 100 percent real.

Jaden wore it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding in 2014, when he was 15 years old, before bringing it out again for his high school prom the following year.

Jaden's mother, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, also wished him a happy birthday with a baby photo, her caption reading:

"Jaden is 20 today and I’m ALL in my feelings about it. I’ve enjoyed watching him get older until the teen dropped off the number lol. You’re still my baby Jaden ... I really don’t think that will ever change:)

"Happy Birthday my love. Thank you for always making my heart smile"

This isn't the only time that Will has treated his Instagram followers to a nostalgic blast from the past. Just last month he shared an old video of his daughter Willow from years back. Catching her before and after her first ballet class, he showed her overcome her nerves and have a positive experience.

Once she overcame her anxiety and made it through successfully, her instructor was full of praise. "Flexibility we have, posture, turnout and a big smile," the teacher shared with Will in the video. "That's what you need."

Pretty cute, eh? However cute and funny Will's post was about Jaden today, I've got to say it's got nothing on the cuteness of Willow's smile at the end there. But who knows - maybe their dad has even more old material to share with us in the future.