Woman helps man pay for his meal at a fast food chain but had no idea who he really was

Woman helps man pay for his meal at a fast food chain but had no idea who he really was

Although we might be lucky enough to be graced with a celebrity encounter at some point in our lives, what's way, way more common is the idea of coming across somebody that only kind of looks like a celebrity. I once got mistaken for Childish Gambino outside of a train station, and I'd imagine that for those 20 minutes, those drunk people I met at 2am had the time of their lives.

What's even weirder, though, are the times you come across somebody during the various walks of your life, only to realise way later that you were actually spitting distance from a bona-fide celebrity. Look at the weird number of times Bill Murray or Tom Hanks have shown up in random selfies - you'd think you'd recognise these two movie icons in a heartbeat, but apparently not.

So you can see why Ruth Reed decided to play Good Samaritan with a random man she met at Wawa, the gas station fast food chain, only to realise she was paying for somebody super famous. Posting to the Medford Facebook Group (though the post has since been deleted), she told us how she likes to pay it forward for those less fortunate.

"For three years, I have made a resolution to once a week treat someone at Wawa. Occasionally it happens more than once a week," she said to the internet, but on this occasion, it was a treat to remember for both parties involved.

"This man was short a few dollars. He asked a lady with him if she had money. I jumped in and said I would pay and explained why. He thanked me and asked my name. I asked him his and he told me it was Keith. I said that he did look like Keith Urban. He said he was."

Imagine that! You're standing in line to pay for something, when you decide to do something nice for the guy ahead of you - only to realise it's one of the biggest country music stars in the world! In case somebody thought that Ruth was making it up, she posted a selfie of herself next to Urban, decidedly starstruck and blushing to boot.

Keith Urban, it turned out, had just finished playing the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey. In case Ruth Reed didn't believe that she'd just met the real Keith Urban and not some lookalike trying to make a quick buck, Urban said that she could check with his bodyguard! The post ended up getting shared over 3,000 times before eventually getting taken down, but the Facebook group where she posted made the image its cover photo, so it's not all so bad.

Personally, I've never met a celebrity (the closest I ever got was seeing Pharrell Williams behind a metal gate), but I hope that I can make as profound an impression as Ruth Reed did there. I also hope to get a selfie.