Woman tweets her experience of sitting next to Timothée Chalamet on a flight

Woman tweets her experience of sitting next to Timothée Chalamet on a flight

It wasn't that long ago that Timothée Chalamet wasn't really on anyone's radar, but by 2019 he's won over a lot of hearts. He's been acting for around ten years, with a recurring role in Homeland and a small role in Interstellar, but it was Call Me By Your Name that launched him into stardom.

After some more great roles in Lady Bird and this year's awards contender Beautiful Boy, he's not stopping yet.

Aside from his charisma on screen, he's become a sort of heartthrob for many, especially on Twitter. Just last month at the Golden Globes, users were fawning over the actor for his actions there. Despite the glitz and glamour surrounding him, he did the most relatable thing - and appeared to read in the middle of the ceremony.

For the socially awkward and introverted out there, it was relatable as hell.

However, the latest geek-out over the actor came when one fan was coincidentally seated next to him on a plane. After the three-hour flight, Twitter user @alankruthahaha detailed how she unexpectedly came to sit next to him in a series of tweets, where they spoke about all sorts of things - including the actor's height, Easy A, and The Office.

Somehow, she managed not to completely freak out when she had an hour-long talk with him, at least until afterwards.

"Working on 4 hours of sleep, I am ready to tell everyone how I met Timotheé Chalamet and how we are (probably) friends now," they wrote, before explaining how she spotted the "actual angel". That's when she made the awkward move of telling Timotheé Chalamet that he looks a lot like... Timotheé Chalamet.

She kept to herself, trying not to annoy him by talking to him too much, but when he asked her a question about the flight, she couldn't help but let loose. Cue a multitude of gif reactions from The Office...

That's when she launched into her questions, wondering why he was in an economy seat, and enquiring about his relationship with Beautiful Boy co-star Steve Carell, and... Beyoncé?

Then she just unloaded all the random things she wanted to say on him, the kind of thing we usually keep to ourselves (or our Twitter accounts).

What warmed her heart, however, was the fact that he just wanted to know about her - asking about her job and life, and even making sure to pronounce her name right (clearly a bugbear for her).

That's when they started talking about Carell's classic sitcom, The Office, their favourite episodes, and her life some more.

Unlike what you'd expect from a lot of Hollywood actors, Chalamet seemed super down to Earth, and made her feel comfortable despite how starstruck she was.

After they landed, they spoke about both their careers (to her bewilderment), and he offered to take a photo with her.

The whole interaction seems like it was gold.

Her group chat lost their minds, as you can expect.

And here's the aforementioned selfie, in all its glory:

So it turns out not all celebs are taking to the skies in first class - so maybe you could meet an Oscar-nominated star in economy sometime...