Fans so convinced by Michael Jackson lookalike they want a DNA test

Fans so convinced by Michael Jackson lookalike they want a DNA test

A Michael Jackson impersonator has been causing a storm on Instagram, with fans believing that he is so convincing that a "DNA test" should be done.

The demands came after Sergio Cortes, a full-time impersonator, posted a video to Instagram informing his 123K followers that he has a new tour date in Thailand.

Some fans simply couldn't get over not only his resemblance to the late star but how much he sounds like him too.

The impersonator even mimics Jackson's voice:

With Thriller playing in the background, Cortes says: "Hello to all Michael Jackson fans, come and watch me perform at Hollywood Pattaya on December 23rd.

"I love you guys and see you there. I am Sergio Cortes, see you soon."

A Michael Jackson lookalike. Credit: Instagram / Sergio Cortes

One person said: "Oh my god, you're not Sergio Cortès, you're Michael Jackson. Someone get his DNA."

A second added: "I need a DNA test, I'm sorry."

A third wrote: "You can't tell me this ain't the real Michael Jackson."

However, in March, life became complicated for full-time Jackson impersonators following the explosive documentary Leaving Neverland, which once again accused the singer of child molestation - this time, from two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

If you haven't seen it yet, this is its trailer:

For one performer, Paul Taylor, whose show centers around a number of popular music icons including David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, the answer was to simply run a Facebook poll to ask his fans if they still wanted to see Jackson after the allegations were made.

Michael Jackson with Omer Bhatti. Credit: PA Images

In a Facebook poll of 200 people, just 15% said that they didn't want to see his Jackson impersonation any more. Meanwhile. other shows like Thriller: Live in London, which is still running, suggest that many are still happy to listen to his music.

However, some radio stations did ban the singer's music after the documentary's release, and more recently, Elton John described Jackson as a "disturbing person who couldn't cope with adult company."