Burger King offers Bronx residents free burgers to cope with 'Joker Stairs' tourists

Burger King offers Bronx residents free burgers to cope with 'Joker Stairs' tourists

It's safe to say that Todd Philips' Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as Batman's arch-enemy, has been a major hit. Although critics were divided, the film smashed at the box office and has also been nominated for a number of Academy Awards.

However, the movie has also inadvertently created a new tourist attraction in New York City. The so-called ''Joker Stairs'', which Arthur Fleck dances down in one scene, have now become iconic, and tourists are flocking to the Bronx to check them out for themselves.

Watch the final trailer for the Joker movie:

Seeing as how McDonald's official mascot Ronald McDonald is a clown, Burger King decided to take a pot-shot at their main rival with a quirky new deal. The fast-food chain is now offering free burgers to Bronx residents who have been left exasperated by the influx of tourists.

In an advert posted on the restaurant's official YouTube channel, the Burger King mascot himself can be seen dancing down the steps in celebration, while amazed Instagrammers dressed as clowns look on.

The ad states: "Dear Bronx: We know clowns can be annoying. But don't worry. If you live in The Bronx, use the code 'KINGSTAIRS' on Uber eats to get a free Whopper."

Take a look at the hilarious ad for the offer below:

The Joker stairs are located in The Bronx in New York City and connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street.

However, the tourists have drawn the ire of some local residents in the area, such as Twitter-user Desus Nice, who recently wrote: "Legally as a bronx resident you're allowed and encouraged to tax anyone visiting the joker stairs [sic]." 

Take a look at some of the best recreations from visitors to the stairs:

We all know that tourists can be annoying sometimes. But hey, I'd trade having to deal with crowds for a free burger anytime!