'Germany's Got Talent' contestant stuns viewers by eating sausages with her bum

'Germany's Got Talent' contestant stuns viewers by eating sausages with her bum

Talent is an ambiguous term, as it can come in many forms. My parents may have hailed my older brother for being "talented" as a result of his grade eight in drumming and his sports scholarship, but I will always argue that my ex-girlfriend's brother thought I was very talented for my ability to down a pint of a beer and burp the alphabet.

With such an array of talents out there in the world, it is no surprise that shows like America's Got Talent are so popular, and have a seemingly neverending stream of contestants willing to apply and showcase their skills on live TV.

Now, we all know how these shows work - there will be a handful of singers and dancers, mixed in with the odd impressionist and magician. But what we're all really waiting to see is that one audition where somebody does something so "unique", that they gain internet infamy. Well, ladies and gentleman, I give you the most bizarre "talent" you will ever see.

You can watch this "bum" talent below: 

Taking place on the German equivalent of America's Got Talent, called Das Supertalent, one contestant attempted to impress the judges, live audience and viewers watching at home with her hungry bum routine.

Auditionee Duckie L'Orange didn't say a word during her performance, and instead, let her a** do the talking. Duckie started by taking to the stage in a dog cage - weird, sure - but what came next is quite simply the most questionable act I've ever seen on any screen ever (and I've seen some weird stuff).

Exposing her behind, L'Orange revealed that she had painted a dog face on it, and then proceeded to prance around the stage. Now - this would have been enough to earn buzzers from Simon Cowel and the gang, but amazingly, Duckie continued her act.

After covering up her dog-bum, Duckie once again became this character of a pet-owner, expressing that she had lost her dog. She then started laying a string of sausages out on the stage, and once again disappeared behind the curtain.

I prefer the more wholesome talent on AGT:

It's all downhill from here...

From behind the curtain, the butt-dog returned and started to "eat" the sausages via a pretty disgusting series (albeit, impressive - admit it, you found it impressive) of buttock clenches. The gross (but impressive) act sent the audience into meltdown, and even caused judge Dieter Bohlen off his chair.

It may go without saying, but she didn't make it through to the semis... although I'd have given her my golden buzzer.