Jennifer Aniston hid behind the 'Central Perk' couch to scare 'Friends' fans

Jennifer Aniston hid behind the 'Central Perk' couch to scare 'Friends' fans

Jennifer Aniston has never been shy when it comes to talking about friends, and it's clear that the actress loves the sitcom just as much as its fans. Indeed, she always seems to enjoy interacting with the show's fandom.

Jen was the very first guest on comedian Ellen Degeneres' talk show 17 years ago, and as a tribute to her first appearance, she's now had the distinct honor of guest-hosting the show while her close friend was busy at the DMV. Suffice to say, she totally nailed her duties.

Aniston started off the segment by joking about her relationship with Ellen, before going on to recreate her first appearance on The Ellen Show with child actors miming to her and Ellen's voices from back then. She also interviewed a star-struck Selena Gomez, who seemed to be overwhelmed by the fact that she was speaking to Aniston.

However, the best part of the show was a hilarious prank that Jen played on several Friends fans, which clearly gave them all the shock of their lives.

Take a look at the hilarious prank video below: 

Aniston, accompanied by a camera crew, took a visit to the set of the original Central Perk cafe from Friends: which still exists as part of the permanent studio tour at Warner Brothers.

Hiding behind the sofa where she and the other members of the cast would always sip coffee and banter, Aniston waited until some Friends fans came in to sit on the couch, and then dramatically jumping up to give them a fright. She even embodied the character of Rachel Greene somewhat, by kindly pouring the stunned fans some coffee.

But lately a lot of Jen's fans have noticed the fact that she and Brad Pitt seem to be getting quite cozy again. Could they be getting back together?