Netflix is releasing terrifying new serial killer movie 'In the Shadow of the Moon' just in time for Halloween

Netflix is releasing terrifying new serial killer movie 'In the Shadow of the Moon' just in time for Halloween

It's almost Halloween: the season of scary movies. When we turn to the big and small screens and watch, enraptured, as blades pierce flesh, as eyes leer from the shadows, and thing go 'bump' in the night,

But if you're a horror buff and have watched more scary movies than you've had hot dinners, then you might be looking for something fresh and original this year. Instead of hockey-mask-wearing psychos and slithering alien species, you could be hankering for the kind of spooky movie you've never seen before.

If that's the case then allow me to enlighten you about a new movie Netflix is releasing just in time for Halloween: a genre-busting flick called 'In The Shadow of the Moon, starring Logan's Boyd Holbrook and actor Michael C. Hall from Dexter.

Check out the spine-chilling trailer for In the Shadow of the Moon below: 

The movie (directed by Jim Mickle and based on a screenplay by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock) tells the story of a jaded homicide detective called Thomas Lockhart (played by Holbrook) who is on the hunt for an elusive and mysterious female serial killer he once failed to subdue.

The murderer's crimes appear to defy all conventional scientific explanation, and as the bodies pile up on the streets of Philadelphia, the driven and obsessive Lockhart is forced to the very brink of sanity as he attempts to catch a woman who appears to be everywhere at once...

Check out the trailer for another of Netflix's Halloween movies, Fractured, in the video below: 

Commenting on the movie in a prior interview with Variety, Mickle stated: "Gregory and Geoff’s script is such a great mind-bender and beautifully weaves together all my favourite genres."

He continued: "Boyd is going to eat this role alive and show why he’s one of the best young actors working today. We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented producing team and a home like Netflix that’s excited to take chances."

This isn't the only scary movie to be hitting the streaming platform in the near future. As part of its so-called 'Netflix & Chills' initiative, the site is updating its library to include four other new horror movies.

Check out the trailer for the other Netflix Chills in the video below: 

As well as In the Shadow of the Moon, these include Rattlesnake, In the Tall Grass, Fractured, and Rattlesnake, all of which will debut between the end of September and Halloween.

In the Shadow of the Moon is scheduled to have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 21, and will then released on Netflix on September 27, 2019.