Person cosplaying 'The Nun' tries to be scary at a restaurant, but fails epically

Person cosplaying 'The Nun' tries to be scary at a restaurant, but fails epically

Okay, everyone. Summer's come, and summer's gone - and as the temperature drops, so too do the pretences that we're fun and interesting people who are in shape. Finally! Autumn's here - that means sweater weather, that means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and it means Halloween.

Typically, September's not a great time of the year for movies, but if you're a fan of a good fright every now and then, you're not going to have to wait until October for your scary movie fix! The Nun - fifth movie in the Conjuring cinematic universe that I guess we're going to have to suffer through now - came out earlier this month, and some people like it.

I think. So far, The Nun's got a 27 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but don't let all those people saying they didn't like it fool you into thinking it's terrible! If you like bad makeup, boring storylines and cheap, repetitive jump scares, then the Nun is definitely the horror movie for you.

But if not, I think that this clip of somebody cosplaying the Nun is probably a better use of your time and money than the film itself. Roberto Da Matta Filgueiras from Muriaé in Brazil was enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant earlier this month, where he happened to spot somebody cosplaying the Nun.

Or, production on the sequel is going quicker than expected.

Either way, he whipped out his camera phone and started to record this person cosplaying the Nun, and wouldn't you know it - the cosplayer saw fit to give him a show. Well, at least they tried...

Posting the resulting video to Facebook, you can see why this has gone mega viral, racking up an impressive 15 million views with 239,000 shares. Eating their lunch with a chilling air all around them, that aura is decidedly shattered when the Nun tries to take a drink from a straw, but stuffs it up her nose instead, leading to a moment of unintentional hilarity that probably would not have gone amiss in the actual Nun movie.

Even better is the fact that the Nun in question here was obviously trying to freak out other restaurant-goers trying to go about their meal, but things definitely did not go to plan. Of course, if you're looking to recreate this video for some reason - I'm not here to judge you and your life goals - you've got a lot of Nun cosplayers to record.

In anticipation of the movie, a lot of people have been dressing up as scary nuns - similar to how people started dressing up as scary clowns as the release date of Stephen King's IT loomed ever closer. It's helping to raise awareness and hype around the movie, but if you ask me, it's not really worth all of that buzz. Ah, well.

At least we've got some cool costumes out of it, right? Just in time for Halloween.