Sharon Stone recreates famous 'Basic Instinct' scene at awards show

Sharon Stone recreates famous 'Basic Instinct' scene at awards show

The 1992 flick Basic Instinct is one of those movies that's become famous for one scene in particular. Seriously, does anyone else remember what actually happens in it? There a murder-mystery plot, lots of sex, and yet the actual details are pretty sketchy.

One thing everyone does associate the film with though is Sharon Stone's iconic leg-crossing scene, which has been referenced, homaged and parodied countless times since the movie's release in 1992.

The scene involves Sharon Stone's character, the femme fatale crime writer Catherine Tramell, being interrogated by the police. Chain-smoking and recounting her recent sexual encounters with total bravado, Tramell crosses her legs and seems to flash her crotch at Wayne Knight's character.

Now, at GQ Magazine's Men of the Year Awards in Berlin, the 61-year-old actress has recreated the scene in question while taking to the stage of the Komische Oper opera house to receive her Woman of the Year Award.
In a speech addressed to the large audience, Stone stated: " So, some years ago – before we were allowed to be who we were in our little towns – I was sitting on a sound stage, and my director said, ‘Can you hand me your underpants because we’re seeing them in the scene and you shouldn’t have underpants on but we won’t see anything.’ I said, ‘sure’. I didn’t know this moment would change my life."

An image of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Credit: PA Images.

Stone continued: "Each and every one of you is going to have a moment like mine. A moment that changes your life. One you might be aware of when it’s happening, and one you might not. But I’ll tell you this. You’re going to have one if you haven’t already."

She added: "And you’re going to be held accountable for it if you haven’t already. And people are going to ask you a lot of difficult questions if they haven’t already. So the time to decide who you are is now. The time to decide what you do with the tender, important, beautiful, savage, passionate, most important part of yourself."

But this isn't the only classic moment of nineties pop-culture we've seen recreated lately. Check out Jennifer Aniston and Reece Witherspoon's recreation of an old scene from Friends.