The teaser for 'A Quiet Place: Part II' has dropped

The teaser for 'A Quiet Place: Part II' has dropped

The teaser for the sequel to the hit horror movie A Quiet Place, starring Emily Blunt and directed by John Krasinski, has dropped.

The short clip appears to set the scene not long after the first movie concluded, and shows the characters of Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her children Regan, Marcus, and her unnamed newborn baby, creeping through the woods. Evelyn's foot is still bandaged after she injured it on the stairs in the first movie, and her and the kids still seem to be very wary about their surroundings.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for the sequel below: 

We don't know much about the plot of the sequel, although the first film ended with the family discovering the secret weakness of the blind extraterrestrial creatures with an acute sense of hearing who have managed to utterly ravage human society.

The movie's official synopsis states: "Members of the Abbott family and a mysterious stranger (Cillian Murphy) fight for survival against otherworldly creatures that hunt by sound."

Commenting on the upcoming sequel in a recent interview with Digital Spy, Krasinski described how excited he was with the project, stating: "This is a world you can play in, this isn’t just a character to remake… it’s actually a world, which is a whole different, very unique experience."

He continued: "It’s not like Alien or Jaws where the main villain is the thing you’re repeating; it’s an actual entire set of rules and the circumstance that the world has undergone that you can play in very different facets."

Meanwhile, Emily Blunt added: "I think actually it’s now what’s the next chapter and what happens next. I think people feel very invested in this family… I think it’s such an open book right now, and certainly for John who is lasering into something as we speak."

A Quiet Place: Part II is due to be released in cinemas on March 20, 2020.