Gordon Ramsay's son already has his father's angry face

Gordon Ramsay's son already has his father's angry face

Gordon Ramsay is famed the world over for his no-nonsense attitude to cooking, which has left many a chef in a tears.

Now, it looks like the chef's youngest son, Oscar, could be following in his father's footsteps - at least when it comes to nailing angry expressions. This was revealed in a hilarious Twitter post featuring an image of Ramsay, 52, and Oscar, who was born in April.

It read: "Why does Gordon Ramsay's son look like he about to yell at me for overcooking the scallops?"

Yeah... As much as baby Oscar is cute, it's hard to deny that in this picture, at least, he's got a hilariously angry facial expression for a baby.

Oscar, who is Ramsay and his wife Tana's fifth child, is too young to be able to speak - let alone deliver the kind of outbursts his father is known for.

Gordon Ramsay shouting. Credit: Getty

Hilariously, a Twitter user spoke out in defense of baby Oscar, writing that he'd have every right to be annoyed if someone undercooked scallops as that's the "worst".

Oscar's birth was announced by the chef on Instagram back in April in a heartwarming post captioned:

"After 3 baftas and one Emmy... finally we have won an Oscar, please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who touched down at 12:58 today for some lunch ! Xxx"

While there's no telling if Oscar will really have his father's signature angry face, it's looking likely. He's already living in the limelight too, having amassed an impressive 118,000 thousand followers on an Instagram account run by his older sister, Tilly.

The snap above also caused social media users to draw comparisons with FaceApp's aging filter, which recently went viral on social media. A fan jokingly commented: "50 year's challenge's gone too realistic."

This news is a nice change from the recent criticism which Ramsay has been under, which has seen him slammed on Twitter for various offenses, from killing a goat in his new TV show to sharing a picture of his "proper Sunday roast" which had apparently had offensively thin gravy.

Clearly, there are some things worse than an overcooked scallop!