Jason Momoa wore a vest to the Golden Globes and Twitter absolutely loved it

Jason Momoa wore a vest to the Golden Globes and Twitter absolutely loved it

As excuses to wear something extravagant go, the red carpet is as good as it gets. If you prefer peacocking instead of wearing something practical, you’ll feel right at home among the swirling satin and sequins of the rich and famous. 

But despite the precedent for famous faces to use glamorous events to dress up like extras in the Star Wars cantina, not everyone sticks to the script. Every so often, a celebrity will break ranks, rejecting the constraints of skin-tight tuxes and ball gowns and going all out for comfort. This year, it was Jason Mamoa’s turn. 

Arriving at the 2020 Golden Globes with partner Lisa Bonet, Momoa looked to all intents and purposes like every other member of the exclusive guest list, rocking the carpet in a striking green velvet jacket.

Credit: PA Images

However, as attention turned to the ceremony itself, viewers quickly spotted a change of costume for the ‘Aquaman’ star. The jacket had gone, replaced with only a black vest. Predictably, Twitter lost its mind. 

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As soon as the actor appeared sans-jacket, the social network was flooded with over-excited commentary.

One user wrote, "Jason Momoa is wearing a tank top to the golden globes we should all aspire to this level of nonchalance in 2020,” while another added, “Jason Momoa wearing a tank to the #GoldenGlobes is peak Jason Momoa."

However, despite the initial hysteria, it turned out that there was a perfectly rational explanation for why Momoa seemed so dressed down. Eagle-eyed viewers soon realized that he had actually given his jacket to his wife, Lisa Bonet, in order to prevent her catching a chill. This realization didn’t stop the gushing, however. 

One Twitterer wrote, "Jason Momoa sitting at the Golden Globes in just a tank top after giving his jacket to Lisa Bonet is equally chivalrous and hot," while another added, “I love that Jason Momoa is sitting there in a tank top all cause Lisa Bonet is cold [sic]”.

Whether or not you think the Golden Globes are a gigantic waste of time, there’s no denying that Momoa and his vest had a whole heap of people on tenterhooks.