Here's why Ariana Grande has reportedly pulled out of appearing at the Grammys

Here's why Ariana Grande has reportedly pulled out of appearing at the Grammys

Ariana Grande is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her ode to being rich, 7 Rings, set the internet on fire, despite making people feel Charlie Bucket broke. Her breakup anthem, thank u next, was an instant earworm, although I'm guessing it's not Pete Davidson's ringtone. And her fourth studio album, Sweetener was a blockbuster success, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album.

On Sunday, the 61st Grammy Awards will broadcast live to the few remaining Americans who haven't cut their cable yet. Grande is also nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance for God Is A Woman, and was scheduled to perform at the ceremony. However, Variety reports that she was pulled out of appearing after a disagreement with producers over which song to sing.

According to an insider, Ariana wanted to perform her latest single, 7 Rings, from her forthcoming album Thank U, Next, but the producers refused. Instead, they offered a compromise, inviting her to perform a medley of different songs, which could include 7 Rings. The source says Ariana felt "insulted" because these stipulations had not been opposed on any other performers at the event. So, now, she's saying 'thank u, next' to the Grammy's.

The Grammy producers might not like 7 Rings, but the single has been an undeniable success. In its first 24 hours on Spotify, it was streamed 14.96 million times, setting a new world record. The neon-drenched music video has been extremely popular as well, racking up 133 million views on YouTube (and counting). With viewership for archaic awards shows falling every year, you'd think the producers would let a zeitgeist pop queen like Grande do whatever she wants.

Also, if Ariana Grande doesn't appear, that robs us of the chance to see her hilariously misspelled tattoo! She recently got a 7 Rings tattoo to commemorate her new single. However, for some reason, she decided to get in Japanese, a language she does not speak. Instead of "7 Rings," it actually read "Japanese BBQ Grill," which many people pointed out on social media.

After getting mercilessly mocked by the internet, Grande attempted to fix her unfortunate ink. But despite checking with her Japanese tutor, the alteration was not an improvement. The tattoo artist added an extra character and heart to the piece, making it now read "Japanese BBQ finger ♡".  Once again, Grande got roasted on social media. (Pro-tip: Don't get tattoos in languages you don't understand.)

In a since-deleted Twitter rant, Grande claimed she was appreciating Japanese culture, not appropriating it. "I can't read or write kanji obviously," she tweeted. "what do you want me to do? it was done out of love and appreciation. what do you want me to say? ... There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. My japanese fans were always excited when i wrote in japanese or wore japanese sayings on my clothing."

I mean, maybe were Japanese fans were excited, or maybe they were laughing because the Japanese writing didn't say what you thought it did, Ari. Anyway, I think it's time to embrace "Japanese BBQ Finger." Make it into a song and perform it at the Grammys!